How to Use SVGs​
SVG & Cut Files FAQs

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How to use SVGs - Everything you need to know about Lotti Brown's SVG cut files for papercutting and crafting - how to use them, available file formats, compatibility, commercial use, downloading and more...

Understanding SVGs

What is an SVG file all about?

An SVG file is a ‘Scalable Vector Graphic’ file. It’s a file that’s commonly used in cutting machines as it’s a digital file type that can be resized in the programme without loss of clarity – this means you can use it large or small and it won’t go ‘fuzzy’ or ‘pixelated’ (how small you can go will be determined by how intricate the design is and the material you’re using to how delicate the machine can cut without your material breaking).

Most but not all cutting machines will work with SVG files – some don’t and that’s why I’ve provided other file types, such as DXF, EPS and a PNG.

The PNG can be printed out on an ordinary printer and used either as a printed design, for example by sublimation, or to cut the design by hand if you don’t want to use a cutting machine for your crafting. It’s provided in separate layer files plus one file of the complete layered design, so as to help you with your crafting, whatever you want to make. There's some more help with how to print PNGs to a specific size in the Card Templates section further down the page.

As well as the cutting machine itself, you will usually need to access the machine's own software programme on your computer – eg. Cricut’s Design Space or Silhouette Studio.

Here are the formats some common machines accept.

Cricut machines:

  • SVG
  • DXF

Silhouette machines:

  • DXF (Studio – free version of software)
  • SVG (Designer & Business edition – paid versions of software)

Brother ScanNCut:

  • SVG
  • DXF

Sure Cuts a Lot:

  • SVG
  • EPS

If in doubt, consult the help pages for your own machine.

Understanding SVG file formatsUnderstanding SVG files

Where to Buy my SVG Cut Files

Where can I buy the design files?

The files are available via my Etsy store here... There will also be a link on any website page or blog post where I share the details of each design for you, so that you can access the file easily.

They're available worldwide and for instant download.

How to Use SVGs - Downloading & Unzipping

How do I download the files?

  • The files will be available to download through the Etsy programme as soon as your payment has finished processing, usually within a couple of minutes.
  • Please note that you will need to download your files via a web browser (on your computer or mobile/cell phone) and not via the Etsy app which, unfortunately, does not currently support digital downloading.
  • The link to download the files will be in your confirmation email from Etsy. If you have an Etsy account, you will also be able access your download from ‘Your account’ (top right). Look for ‘Purchases and Reviews’ and then look for your purchase. Alongside the purchase on the far right, you will see a link to download the files again.
  • The files are provided as .zip files. This is a ‘zipped up’ folder that contains all the files within the folder. So that you just need to make one download to your computer and you can keep all the files together easily.
  • When you download your files, make sure that you save them to a folder that you can easily remember and locate on your computer.

Please remember that due to the digital nature of the product, once you download your digital files, no refund can be given.

How do I unzip the files?

To be able to use your files, you will need to unzip them. Most computers will have unzipping software already built in such as WinZip or WinRar. There are also free unzipping programmes that you can access such as PeaZip or 7-zip.

In most cases, right clicking on your zipped folder will access a menu of options. Choose ‘Extract all’ and select where to save your files to. Then just ‘Extract’ and your files will be ready to use.

Find more help for unzipping at:

How to Use the SVGs​
Opening up the Files

How do I open the file in Cricut Design Space?

First, open up the Cricut Design Space programme - then...

  • Select ‘New Project’
  • Click on ‘Upload’ (bottom of the left hand menu)
  • Under the ‘Image’ section of the page, click on ‘Upload Image’
  • Click ‘Browse’ (center of the screen)
  • Then navigate to the folder where you’ve saved your file. Select it and press ‘Open’
  • You will see your file appear on the screen. Press ‘Upload’ (left-hand side)
  • Your file should now be showing in the bottom half of the screen under ‘Recent Uploads’. Click on it to select it. Then press ‘Insert Images’ (bottom right)
  • Wait a little for your file to load and it should appear on your design space ready for you to resize and work with.

How do I open the file in Silhouette Studio?

First open up the Silhouette Studio programme - then...

  • Go to ‘File’ (top left)
  • In the drop-down menu, select ‘Open’
  • Then navigate to the folder where you’ve saved your file. Select it, and press ‘OK’ and your file will open ready for you to work with – there may be a short wait while your file uploads.

If you’re working with DXF files in Silhouette Studio, you will see that in most cases I’ve provided a separate layer file for each colour to make separating the layers easier for you. Some simpler designs may only have one layer, while more complex ones may have more than two.

To resize the design in Silhouette Studio (while keeping all the pieces together!)

  • Go to ‘Edit’ (top left) - in the drop-down menu, select ‘Select All’ (or just press Ctrl+A)
  • Go to ‘Object’ (top menu bar), then select ‘Make a Compound Path’ (or just press Ctrl+E)

The design is now all bonded together and the separate parts can’t move around or get lost. You can grab a corner and drag it in or out to make the design larger or smaller.

How do I open the file in ScanNCut?

Open up the ScanNCut Canvas Workspace (instructions given for Desktop version) - then...

  • Go to ‘File’ (top left)
  • Then ‘Import from your computer’
  • Navigate to your file and select it. Then press ‘Open’ and your file will appear ready for you to work with.

How do I open the file in Sure Cuts a Lot?

Open up the Sure Cuts a Lot design programme - then...

  • Go to ‘File’ (top left)
  • Then ‘Import’
  • Navigate to your file and select it. Click ‘Open’ and your file is ready for you to work with.

Are There Tutorials to Help Me Make Your Designs?

Any of the designs that aren't just completely straight forward will have a tutorial of some kind on the site, to help you make it.

You should be able to find the link to the tutorial in the Etsy description, or I may send you a message on Etsy after purchase, directing you to the relevant page(s) (week days only and excluding vacation times).

You can also find the relevant tutorial page by looking in the design pages on the site (start with 'SVG Designs' on the top menu) to find the page that I made about the design. If I thought it needed any instruction, there will be a tutorial there or links to the relevant instruction pages.

Please note that many of the greetings cards share the same tutorials as the method is the same (some of these cards will link directly to their Etsy listing from the main card template page) - the tutorials for most of these cards are in the green section below, or on the main 'SVG Card Templates' page. 

Some cards will have a separate tutorial as the method of making is a little different - you will be able to find this if you:

  • click on the design on the main SVG Card Templates page 
  • it should also be on the Etsy listing
  • you should receive information with your purchase directing you to the tutorial(s)
  • and I may also message you through the Etsy message system after your purchase to let you know (weekdays only and excluding vacation times)

If you're not sure, please browse through the site using the menu options to help you find the design, and you should be able to find the information you need. You can always contact me here or through my Etsy store if you're stuck with how to make a particular design you've purchased or can't find the tutorial information.

Greetings Cards SVG Templates

How do I use the score & cut function on Cricut with the card templates?

I have a tutorial for how to set the lines to score correctly on your Cricut here - I also cover which scoring tool to choose, and how to score manually if you don't have a scoring tool for your Cricut.

How do I fold & assemble my card?

I have a tutorial to help you with making your card here...

Card template sizes

Usually, using the SVG in Cricut Design Space will load the design at the size intended in the template (to make a 12 x 12cm card - approximately 4.75 x 4.75 inches). If you're using another file format in another cutting machine program, or if you want to resize the PNG files to cut by hand, please resize the elements to the following to get this size of card (12 x 12cm or 4.75 x 4.75 inches) and envelope to fit:

  • Envelope - size to 26.92 x 15.2 cm (10.6 x 6 inches)
  • Inner card - size to 23.38 x 11.66cm (9.2 x 4.6 inches)
  • Outer card - size to 23.89 x 11.96 cm (9.4 x 4.7 inches)

Resizing PNG files - it can be tricky, sometimes, to get PNG files to print the exact size you want them, I've found that inserting the image files (PNGs) into a Word document and then using the Word tools to resize to the size you want will normally enable you to get the correct size. Please remember to set your printer to print to actual size if you have that as an option.

In Word, go to:

  • Insert - Pictures - find your PNG images on your computer and add them.
  • Click on the first image to bring up the image tools. Use 'Size' (far right) and type in the measurements. Repeat for each element.
  • You may need to rotate your image, or change the page orientation to get it to fit on the page size.
  • Also think about making page margins narrower, if necessary, to make the elements fit.

Additional elements for the card templates - some of the card templates also have additional elements (alongside one or more of the 3 basic elements above - envelope, inner card, outer card) - I'll list the sizes of the additional elements here to help you if you need to resize and want to get the same size as my template...

Wedding cards (layered topper style - bride/groom, groom/groom, bride/bride)

  • Lacy square - 10.07 x 10.07 cm (3.96 x 3.96 inches)
  • Plain square - 9.7 x 9.7 cm (3.8 x 3.8 inches)
  • Figures (bride/groom) - 3.6 x 7.9 cm (1.4 x 3.1 inches)
  • Figure background (for B/G) - 3.86 x 8.14 cm (1.5 x 3.2 inches)
  • Figures (bride/bride) - 4.9 x 7.8 cm (1.9 x 3.1 inches)
  • Figure background (for B/B) - 5.1 x 8.1 cm (2 x 3.2 inches)
  • Figures (groom/groom) - 3.15 x 7.6 cm (1.2 x 3 inches)
  • Figure background (for G/G) - 3.45 x 7.9 cm (1.36 x 3.1 inches)

Never ending card (this design)

  • Envelope - 26.92 x 15.2 cm (10.6 x 6 inches)
  • Yellow elements (as provided) - 24.6 x 12.3 cm (9.7 x 4.8 inches)
  • Orange elements (as provided) - 24.1 x 5.5 cm (2.16 x 9.5 inches)
  • Teal elements (as provided) - 11.6 x 5.5 cm (4.56 x 2.2 inches)
  • Green elements (as provided) - 11.3 x 11.6 cm (4.4 x 4.55 inches)
  • Pink elements (as provided) - 5.5 x 22.9 cm (2.17 x 9 inches)
  • Cream element (as provided) - 4.5 x 4.5 cm (1.77 x 1.77 inches)

If you need any further measurements to help you use the card templates or any of the other designs, please just ask me either via my website or my Etsy store.

Restrictions on Use

Are there any restrictions on how I can use the SVG files? Can I use them to make things to sell?

The files are available to use both personally (for personal craft projects, gifts etc) and for commercial use for small businesses (up to 200 uses) on physical products only.

Here’s what you can and can’t do with the files:


Use the image files to create physical products for personal or commercial use (commercial use is intended for small-business use only – up to 200 units in total) - such as papercutting or papercrafts, vinyl crafts, T-shirts, sweaters and other clothing, mugs, signs, cushions, cards, phonecases, home décor and all similar.


Alter or personalize the image by recolouring, resizing, cropping, or adding additional elements.


Use the image files to create digital end products of any type.


Make the image file available digitally in any format, share, sell, give away, or redistribute the image in any format which allows others to download, extract or redistribute the image, whether you have made your own alterations or not.


Use the image on print-on-demand, create-on-demand, or similar services including Redbubble, Society6, Café Press or similar.


Claim the image or design as your own work or claim any copyright in the work, whether you have made your own alterations or not.


Use the image as part of a trademark, design mark, service mark, trade-name or similar unless the image is significantly altered and not the predominant feature of a new design.


Please read the full licensing terms at If you have any questions, or if you’re unsure if your intended use is permitted, please just ask.

SVG license for personal or commercial use

Where to go next?

There are lots of sections of my website to explore, with designs, projects, and help with a Cricut, too. Here are some I think you might like or find useful...

Another question or query?

I’m happy to take your questions and queries about my files but I’m afraid that I can’t provide technical help or instruction with your cutting machine or design programme. I have found the official help pages for a particular cutting machine are usually a good place to start if you need technical help. If you've got a question for me, contact me here or through my Etsy store if you've made an Etsy purchase.

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