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-- Art to Give us Joy, Love, and Energy Through our Connection with Nature and our Pets -- Pet Art & Custom Pet Portraits - Wildlife & Bird Art - Floral Art --

Art to Bring Joy, Love & Energy Through our Connection with Nature & our Pets

-- Pet Art -- Custom Pet Portraits -- Nature Art -- Floral Art --

I create art for what’s important in our lives – little reminders of how good we feel when we take time out to walk in nature, hug our pets and connect with the world around us...


Hello – I’m Lotti – an artist and mum to Noah, a sweet but ‘independently-minded’ rough collie. I create pet art, custom pet portraits, nature art and floral art that's beautiful, colourful and intricate.

I believe that our connection with the natural world is essential to our health and well-being.

And I believe that getting out into nature and bringing animals into our families to be our friends and companions helps us to do this.

Making this connection special through art can be a little reminder to ourselves to feel great that we have this connection – and it’s a super celebration of what’s important to us…

It’s about bringing love and joy into our lives and caring for ourselves at least as well as we care for others – and for me, that special happiness comes from:

  • appreciating our family and loved ones – and I believe that our pets are absolutely an essential and cherished part of our family
  • connecting with the natural world – through walks with my dog, seeing the birds and animals and feeling how the seasons turn
  • appreciating beauty – wild flowers and garden flowers – if it’s colourful and it’s got petals, I love it and I want to put it in my art

When we can connect with the natural world around us in this way, it makes us feel a part of this wider world. We are a participant in the world. We have power. We can do things and change things.

The natural world and our connection with it – through the great outdoors or through our wonderful pets – is essential to our well-being.

  • Hugging our pet gives us a lift – shared love and comfort
  • A walk outside brings calm, clarity and energy
  • A beautiful flower gives beauty and wonder and allows us to see afresh the good in the world

I hope that my nature art and pet art can bring you these things too:

  • celebrating a love shared with your cherished pet
  • a lift from nature – clarity, calm, and energy
  • beauty, love and joy

Stop and stare. Notice the details. Savour the world. Drink it in. It is our lives.

 Take a little time-out and enjoy what's good and beautiful in our world...

...flowers, wildlife, our wonderful pets and animal companions!

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“I can’t thank you enough, Lotti, for this absolutely amazing picture of my special ladies.
You have captured each of their expressions exactly.
I am blown away by every aspect of it, the detail, the thought that has gone in to it...
— Custom Pet Portrait for Mrs H, Hampshire

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