Beautiful Dragonfly SVG Files

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Gorgeous, hand-drawn dragonfly SVG files for cutting machine craft projects...

Three designs that can each be used as:

  • a simple one-layer design or...
  • layered up (four layers each) for a colourful dragonfly project.

Designs are available individually or as a bundle of all three designs.

Pretty dragonflies SVG designs - individually or as a bundle of threeThree beautiful dragonfly SVG designs
Dragonflies SVG bundle of three designs - also available individuallyThree dragonfly cut file designs - layered designs (four layers each) or just use the intricate top layer on its own for single-colour projects

You can get the bundle of three dragonfly designs from my Etsy store here

If you're looking for the designs individually, keep reading - I'm about to tell you all about them...

Digital download files for cutting machines such as Cricut or Silhouette - create papercrafts, vinyl crafts and HTV, stencilling and other cutting machine crafts

SVG, DXF, ESP & PNG file formats all included

For personal craft use or small-business commercial use (up to 200 products)

For physical (craft) products only - no digital products, use or sharing

Full T&Cs here

Meet the Dragonfly SVG Designs!

I enjoyed drawing the ornate designs for these dragonfly SVG files so much that I ended up creating three of them for you!

Two are quite large and very intricate with lots of lovely detail, best suited for moderate to large size projects (I also test cut to sizes smaller than supplied, so they will go reasonably small - photos to come later in the page)...

The third design is smaller and simpler - so it's specially designed for those smaller cutting projects - but don't worry, as it looks ornate and intricate too, just like a dragonfly wing should. This one is (secretly) my favourite dragonfly - the cute one! 

You can see the relative sizes in the images at the top of the page.

Bundle of all 3 dragonfly SVG files here

  • Each of the dragonfly SVG designs has four layers which gives a multi-coloured look to your finished dragonfly. You can also use the layers to create a 3D look to your dragonfly by adding sticky foam pads between the layers!
  • The dragonflies are also specially designed so that you don't have to use all four layers - each of the top layers is an intricate top layer which gives you a really beautiful dragonfly that you can use just as one layer for easy vinyl crafts, papercutting, engraving, and more.
  • If you choose, you can use just one or two of the three base layers if you want fewer colours in your project - I'll share images of how all the layers work later in this page.

So, now, let's take a closer look at each of the dragonflies...

Each of the dragonflies below has been cut with my Cricut Maker using the 'Cardstock for intricate cuts' setting.

My dragonflies have been made using Sizzix 'Surfacez' textured cardstock in various colours.

Focus on Dragonfly 1

Dragonfly 1 - SVG, PNG, DXF, EPS filesArt nouveau dragonfly 1 - SVG, DXF, EPS & PNG file formats

The layered file gives the wings of different colours top and bottom - plus the body is a different colour too. You can build up your dragonfly using as many layers as you want - just one if you choose!

Dragonfly 1 layered SVG fileLayered SVG file - dragonfly 1

Using the SVG as-is in Cricut Design Space will give you a dragonfly that's approximately 26.8 x 18.9 cm (approx. 10.6 x 7.4 inches) in size - you can see the dragonfly cut to this size in my photo below.

Dragonfly 1 - made in cardstockLayered papercraft dragonfly
Dragonfly 1 papercut template - showing single layer onlyDragonfly 1 papercut template - showing top layer only - size supplied (pale grey) plus cut slightly smaller (dark green)

I really love the blues and greens for the dragonfly - and I love him with the pale grey top layer as he looks so delicate and pretty. I think these are ideal colours for a dragonfly!

I also tried out an alternative colour, just for fun - it gives quite a different look that's very striking!

Dragonfly 1 showing alternative colour idea - black, lemon and palest greenDragonfly 1 - black cardstock with mid-grey, lemon, and palest green
Dragonfly 1 papercut template - showing detailShowing intricate detail in the dragonfly wings

Focus on Dragonfly 2

Dragonfly 2 SVG, DXF, EPS & PNG filesPretty dragonfly 2 - SVG, DXF, EPS, & PNG file formats

There are four layers in the 'Dragonfly 2' SVG design - this allows the intricate top layer (which can be used separately) plus body and wings of different colours.

The wings also have a multi-colour floral design with the centres of the flowers in a different colour and a central heart in the body of the same colour.

You can mix and match a little bit with the base layers to get different looks.

Layered dragonfly 2 SVG fileLayered SVG file for 'Dragonfly 2'

Using the SVG as-is in Cricut Design Space will give you a dragonfly that's approximately 28.2 x 17 cm (approx. 11 x 6.7 inches) in size. You can see how this looks in the photo below...

Dragonfly 2 SVG template - shown cut to size suppliedPretty dragonfly 2 - shown cut to size supplied
Dragonfly 2 cut file shown to size and with a smaller papercutDragonfly 2 - the cream one is the size supplied and the lilac one is shown cut a little smaller

I loved trying out these really pretty cream, pink, taupe and yellow for this dragonfly SVG file - it's such a delicate and feminine look.

I also loved trying out an alternate version too (below) which I did in dark grey, purple, lilac and pale green - a slightly different look but pretty too - and I always think that dragonflies really suit these purple and lilac tones, perhaps as they're so delicate and ephemeral looking - kind of a spiritual feel, perhaps?

Dragonfly 2 template - alternate colours - purples and lilacDragonfly 2 alternate colour idea - purple, lilac, green, and grey
Pretty dragonfly 2 SVG file showing intricate wingsDragonfly 2 - showing the intricate wing design
Dragonfly 2 SVG templateDragonfly 2 - papercut template SVG file for cutting machines

Get the cut files (SVG, DXF, EPS & PNG) for Dragonfly 2 from my Etsy store here

Focus on Dragonfly 3

Cute dragonfly cut file - SVG, DXF, EPS, PNGDragonfly 3 template - little and cute - SVG, DXF, EPS & PNG

The third dragonfly SVG template also has four layers - you can have top and bottom wings different colours and have the body a different colour too - you can also use less layers, instead, if you prefer...

Layered dragonfly SVG fileDragonfly 3 cut file - four layers

What's special about the Dragonfly 3 SVG template is that it's much smaller than the others! This means that you can use this dragonfly on smaller projects more easily while still getting that gorgeous intricate look.

Using the SVG as-is in Cricut Design Space will give you a dragonfly that's approximately 17.4 x 11.3 cm (approx. 6.9 x 4.4 inches) in size. This is the size that you can see in the image right below - I also cut slightly smaller, too, which I'll show you as well.

Dragonfly papercut project for CricutDragonfly 3 - cute papercut - cut to size supplied
Dragonfly 3 cut to size supplied and slightly smallerDragonfly 3 - showing cut to size supplied plus slightly smaller (cream)
Tiny dragonfly papercut templateLittle dragonfly papercut - cut here slightly smaller than size supplied
Dragonfly 3 cardstock cut file projectCute layered cardstock dragonfly SVG project

As well as the blue, green, and pale green dragonfly SVG template (see photo above) which I think looks so beautiful and watery - I also created an alternative colour version (see photo below) which I did with a teal top layer and pink and peach wings (both have a grey body) - I think this looks very pretty and cute!

Dragonfly 3 with pink and peach wingsDragonfly 3 alternate colour version - teal top layer and pink and peach wings
Sweet dragonfly cut files suitable for small projectsCute dragonfly SVG cut file template

Choosing your Dragonfly SVG File

I hope that my three dragonfly SVG templates have inspired you and that you can't wait to start creating and crafting...

As a quick reminder, I'll show you all the dragonfly SVG files right below to help you decide which one you prefer for your project - dragonflies 1 and 2 are a little larger and very ornate and intricate - if you have a smaller project, or want one that's a little less intricate, try dragonfly 3 who is little and cute.

You can get each design individually, or if you love them all, get all three as a bundle and save money!

Please double check you're choosing the correct dragonfly - due to the nature of digital downloads, if you make a mistake and select the wrong design, I won't be able to refund you if you've already downloaded the files.

Digital download files for cutting machines such as Cricut or Silhouette - create papercrafts, vinyl crafts and HTV, stencilling and other cutting machine crafts

SVG, DXF, ESP & PNG file formats all included

For personal craft use or small-business commercial use (up to 200 products)

For physical (craft) products only - no digital products, use or sharing

Full T&Cs here

If you need help with using your files, you can check out all the helpful information on this page to get you started!

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