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Guitar Birthday Card Templates

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Fun and colourful guitar birthday card templates for cardmaking with your Cricut or similar cutting machine, or to cut by hand - choose from acoustic or electric guitar versions...

Guitar birthday card templatesAcoustic and electric guitar birthday card templates to make with a cutting machine (also possible to cut by hand)

Digital download to make a birthday card with acoustic or electric guitar design

SVG, DXF, EPS, PNG file formats

Envelope is included in the template

For Cricut & similar cutting machines or cutting by hand

For personal craft projects and small-business commercial use (up to 200 products)

For physical (craft) products only - no digital products, use, or sharing

Read the full T&Cs here

Gorgeous Guitar Birthday Card SVG Templates

Guitar card SVG templates - acoustic and electricTemplates for a guitar-themed birthday card - acoustic or electric! Colourful and fun!

I had a lot of fun designing and making these guitar birthday card templates as my husband LOVES guitars - so I tried to put all that love and musical energy into the design, so that they'll be perfect for your own guitar lover, whether they prefer an acoustic or electric (or perhaps both, in which case, choose either!).

If you're not sure:

  • the acoustic guitar is shown in the orange and green cards above - it tends to be larger, with a hollow body made of varnished wood and a hole in it to let the sound resonate around. It's much chunkier, and you don't have to plug it in (although sometimes, you can). It's mainly used for folk, country, classical, and softer rock and pop music with a distinctive 'unplugged' sound...
  • the electric guitar is shown in the teal and purple cards above - the body part of the guitar tends to be smaller than the acoustic, it's solid (no hole, no hollow body), with much less depth to it. It may be varnished wood, but is often painted in different colours. It's nearly always played plugged in (certainly for performances) and will have knobs and switches on the front of it. The music is mainly rock and pop (think 'rock star') and you can get lets of different musical effects from it, due to it being electric...

And if you're still not sure, I recommend you get the acoustic version (the orange and green cards in the photos on this page) as that is just a lovely design that I think will appeal to any music lover or guitar lover!

I'll show you more photos of each of the two versions in a minute - but first...

Things to Know About the Guitar Card Templates

Acoustic guitar card template - SVG, DXF, EPS, PNGTemplate for the acoustic guitar card - 'cut and score' project - SVG, DXF, EPS, PNG file formats
  • The card templates are 'cut and score' projects for your cutting machine. This means that the fold lines need to be scored. Most cutting machines have an option of using a scoring tool with the machine to create the score line. If you don't have a scoring tool, you can score manually with a blunt point like a knitting needle (you will also need to delete the score lines in the program). This page will help you with all this, especially if you're a Cricut user - I have the full set-up instructions for Cricut Design Space. Do also take a look, even if you're not a Cricut user, as the basic steps will be similar in your own program, so this could help.
  • Once your card is cut and scored, I have a craft tutorial to help you fold and assemble your card and envelope on this page...
  • Used as-is in Cricut Design Space, the SVG file will make a finished card that's around 12 x 12 cm (approximately 4.75 4.75 inches) with an envelope that's a little larger.
  • The card cuts flat on the mat and uses the Cricut standard sticky mat (rather than the specialist card mat).
  • Each card & envelope uses 3 A4 or Letter-sized cardstock sheets - includes outer card (with the cut-out pattern), plain inner card, and plain envelope.
  • The cut files include SVG, DXF, EPS & PNG file formats.
Electric guitar card template - SVG, DXF, EPS, PNGTemplate for the electric guitar birthday card design

For both of the cards that you'll see below, I've used:

  • Sizzix 'Surfacez' textured cardstock for the outer card (with the design)
  • Clairefontaine 'Trophee' card (black) 160 gsm for the inner card
  • Generic coloured crafting cardstock (160 gsm) for the envelope
  • I've used my Cricut Maker to cut the cards
  • I used 'Cardstock for Intricate Cuts' setting for the outer cards
  • I used 'Light Cardstock' setting for the inner cards and envelopes

I'll share a bit more about the colours I used for each card with the photos below, because I really had fun with the colours for these guitar birthday card templates!

Acoustic Guitar Card Template

Birthday card template for a guitar lover - acousticBirthday card template for a guitar lover or music lover - with acoustic guitar design

Birthday card for an acoustic guitar lover - would also be great just generally for a music lover as I think it has a really lovely, relaxed and carefree vibe to it as if you can just sit back and enjoy the music...

Acoustic guitar card templateAcoustic guitar card template

I made the template for the acoustic guitar version of the birthday card template in this lovely green with a black inner card and blue envelope (see photo above) - it's a nice fresh but relaxed feel that I think would appeal to a guitar lover of any age.

With the black inner, the guitar design stands out really well - you can see that, too, with my alternative colour idea, which you can see below...

That's a lovely rusty orange that reminds me of the beautiful wood tones of an acoustic guitar!

Acoustic guitar card SVG file - alternative colour ideaAlternative colour idea - getting the wood tones of an acoustic guitar into the card design through the cardstock colour!

I loved choosing nice bright tones for the envelopes of these cards too, I think it gives them a real vibrancy and a kind of retro feel, too.

If you wanted something simpler, you could definitely choose a plainer envelope for your card - the whole card will feel a lot calmer and simpler.

For other ideas for colours for your acoustic guitar birthday card, how about thinking about the type of music that your guitar lover likes, or their personality, and see what colours that suggests for your card - I think this orange card above would be lovely for a folk music or country music fan...

Would pretty pastels suit? Or something more muted? You can add a different colour interior for a whole different feel - if you're not sure, white is always easy and effective!

Have fun! You can also look at the electric guitar ideas below, too, for more colour ideas...

Acoustic guitar card templateAcoustic guitar card template - a closer look

Get your ACOUSTIC guitar card template from my store here

Electric Guitar Card Template

Electric guitar card templateElectric guitar card template

Fun electric guitar birthday card template - make for an electric guitar lover or a would-be rock star!

I had to channel my own inner rock star to come up with some wild colour ideas for the electric guitar birthday card template - I've gone pretty wild, so I hope you like them, and remember, you can tone it down a bit for your own creation if you prefer, too!

Birthday card template for electric guitar lover or would-be rock starThis electric guitar card template is ideal for would-be rock stars!

For the electric guitar birthday card template, I've chosen this gorgeous vibrant teal cardstock (see photo above) that makes me think of the words 'electric blue' and I hope it will really give off some rock star energy!

To help that, I teamed it up with the black inner card and a lovely zingy green for the envelope - the whole effect is colourful and bold, but I still think that most people will enjoy the colours.

If you're looking for something that's a bit more 'out there', I made this alternate colour idea for the card (see photo below) - it's a really rich and bright purple cardstock, again with the black inner card, but teamed up with a fun red envelope! Just wow!

Colourful rock star guitar card template - red and purpleCrazy rock star colours - purple and red!

I think this is one you'll either love or you'll hate! If it's not for you, I totally understand! I love it for this design that I really want to give that 'turn-it-up-to-11' vibrant and powerful music energy to!

I hope that these colourful ideas have given you some inspiration for your own creative colour combinations - if you don't want to go as wild as this, there's no need to - go ahead and add more subtle splashes of colour with the inner card, and try keeping the main outer card to a simpler white or grey - you can still have lots of fun with your crafting and make a gorgeous guitar birthday card for your guitar lover!

Birthday card template with electric guitar designBirthday card template with electric guitar design

Get your ELECTRIC guitar birthday card template from my store here

Choosing Your Card Template

You can see both of my guitar birthday card templates below - there's one with an acoustic guitar (that's the green one on the left) and one with an electric guitar (that's the teal/blue one on the right)...

Please double check that you've selected the correct one - as due to the nature of digital files, once it's been downloaded, I'm unable to give you a refund if you made a mistake...

SVG, DXF, EPS, PNG file formats

For personal craft projects and small-business commercial use (up to 200 products)

For physical (craft) products only - no digital products, use, or sharing

The instructions for setting the score lines in Cricut Design Space are here... (may help even if you don't have a Cricut)

The craft tutorial for folding and assembling the card is here...

If you need any help downloading and opening the files, that's here...

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