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Floral Meadows Art Prints - Part 2 'Morning Walk'

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I'm taking a behind the scenes look at a pair of artworks I created , inspired by the beautiful summer meadows filled with grasses and flowers near my home.

Last year walking through these natural masterpieces, each morning with my dog, I was so struck by how pretty they were, how uplifting, and how brim-packed full of life and energy the fields, verges and hedgerows were - that I wanted to create some artworks, to bring this energy and joy back into my home - and to share it with you...

I took a closer look at Dandelion Dawn in the last blog post, so this week I'll be turning my attentions to the beautiful 'Morning Walk' artwork.

I created these about the same time, and had the same ideas and thoughts in my mind - wanting to create a wild flower meadow to capture that fresh uplifting feeling of a morning walk in the summer fields...

You can read the blog post and see some of the photos I took at the time, here.... (opens in a new window so you can come back here easily for the rest of the post)

Detail of my Morning Walk artwork

Morning Walk is created from drawings of pretty purple scabious flowers, that used to be quite common wildflowers in the countryside, but that I now have growing in my garden.

As I have easy access to them, I was able to make lots of drawings...

Pretty purple scabious flowers, drawings

Buds and seedheads make interesting shapes to go with the attractive flowers

I scan all my drawings in, and pull them across into Adobe Illustrator to vectorise them, so that I can easily make them larger or smaller, and change the colours, so that I can allow my artwork to develop just how I want...

Scabious wildflowers, creating a pattern for the meadow layout

First I work a little on creating the meadow layout, with the flowers packed full, so that we can feel it overflowing with energy and life...

Then I start experimenting with the colours... making them a little bolder...

Might make a nice pattern

This would make quite a nice pattern I think, but for the wildflower meadow feel, we really need to go multi-coloured, so we can feel the sense of movement, energy and joy...

It takes quite a long time to adjust colours on all the individual flowers and leaves ...

It can be quite frustrating getting it right, but the satisfaction when you succeed in creating the look you want is wonderful :)

I wanted to use blues and greens in this artwork, as they signify the fresh, cool feeling you get in the early morning in summer, before the day heats up - a nice refreshing way to start the day.

The blues and greens are blended with lots of purples and pinks, as I really wanted to keep a sense of the purples in the original flowers, and from my original drawings. 

The splash of citrine gives it a bit of 'oomph' - some wonderful energy and joy to get going.

Morning Walk, seen on the screen

When you look closely at the final artwork, you will see how the background shifts shade subtly so that soft, rich purples, blues and greens blend one into the other...

This is a technique I love to use in my artworks and designs. It is created by hand painting onto fabric with inks, then using this scanned fabric painting as the background for my art piece, with colours adjusted digitally.

Have a look, and see which of my artworks you can spot this technique in.

So, anyway, here is the finished 'Morning Walk' artwork... I hope it makes you feel like you're enjoying a early morning walk in a beautiful meadow of flowers...

 Morning Walk fine art print & artboard - click pic to find them in my store

Morning Walk fine art print & artboard - click pic to find them in my store

 Click image for details of print and frame options in my store

Click image for details of print and frame options in my store

'Morning Walk' Artwork
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Colourful meadow floral art print in teals and purples: 'Morning Walk'.

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