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Colourful Animal Portraits - Pet Art Gallery

Lotti Brown’s colourful animal portraits and pet art celebrate that special bond between you and your furry friend.

Are you looking for a really great dog gift idea to make that special person smile? Or do you want to celebrate your awesome kitty connection?

I have an ever-expanding collection of animal and pet art, adding all different dog breeds all the time, and also including our other domesticated animal friends (horses, donkeys, cows, and more!)…

So if you're looking for a specific pet breed or domesticated/farm animal type, I have art prints that make a wonderful gift idea for the animal-lover in your life, or for yourself. 

I also do custom pet portraits, to celebrate a beloved pet in colour, art, and super-style (these make a really thoughtful gift for someone very special)...

Sheltie art by Lotti Brown

Sheltie art by Lotti Brown

Think, just for a minute, about how much love, companionship and happiness your pet brings into your life. Your dog’s huge, hairy wag when you when you return home, or your cat purring around your legs after a long day, is the perfect way to feel the tensions release from your shoulders and put a massive smile on your face. You just can’t help but respond to your pet's happy face and enthusiastic welcome...

All our pets are awesome characters that have quite intricate layers of personality that start to reveal themselves as you get to know them more and more. That's what my pet art is all about - celebrating our unique relationship with our pets.

Take a look behind the scenes of my pet artworks by clicking on selected images below...

Pet art prints are available in my store or please get in touch for custom pet art

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