Pretty Hedgehog Art - Behind the Scenes

Pretty hedgehog art 'Ragged-Robin Hedgehog' - hedgehog with sweet pink flowers.

'Ragged-Robin Hedgehog' art by Lotti Brown

'Ragged-Robin Hedgehog' art by Lotti Brown

A lovely little hedgehog surrounded by pretty pink ragged-robin flowers...

I love the snuffliness of hedgehogs and remember the year, when I was a child, that we had a family of babies born in our compost heap and tiny hedgehogs pootling around the bottom of our garden - a real treat.

Hedgehogs are becoming more scarce now, particularly in rural areas, so I wanted to put this little hedgehog amidst some beautiful flowers where she can find things to eat and somewhere to hibernate safely come wintertime. 

I love ragged-robin flowers and I thought that the spiky petals would look really good with the hedgehog's spines.

Detail from the hedgehog artwork

Detail from the hedgehog artwork

Behind the Scenes of the Artwork

Take a look at my creative process in the photos below, taking my drawings to a finished artwork via the computer.

Click on an image below to see a larger picture and read about the process...

Completed sweet hedgehog artwork with ragged-robin flowers

Completed sweet hedgehog artwork with ragged-robin flowers

I think my hedgehog art print is really soft and sweet with pretty summer colours of dusk, gentle oranges, browns and pinks... gorgeous and snuffly!

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