Online Drawing Course - Essential Drawing Skills & Creative, Expressive Style

- Do you want to learn to draw confidently and creatively? -

- Ditch drawing ‘properly’ and draw ‘you’ instead! -


The essential online drawing course to help you start drawing your way…

Do you wish you could draw well?

Learn how to draw with a variety of mediums and in your own unique style

Learn how to draw with a variety of mediums and in your own unique style

Would you love to:

  • Draw confidently?

  • Feel fulfilled by your drawing?

  • Express yourself with your art?

  • Develop your own personal drawing style?

Perhaps art was your favourite subject at school and you’d love to recapture that interest.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be able to draw and have secretly been jealous of those talented artistic types and wondered what special qualities they have that you seem to lack…

Perhaps you’ve done a few art classes, read some books or watched art videos and tutorials online but still can’t quite seem to make things work for you…

Maybe you feel embarrassed by your attempts to make recognisable drawings – or intimidated by thoughts of drawing the ‘right way’ or drawing ‘properly’…

And you can’t recapture the joy at creating that you know other people experience when they draw and create art…

Learning to draw can bring so much pleasure to your life…

More than just an enjoyable hobby, drawing can also bring you:

  • Calm and relaxation

  • A sense of purpose in life

  • A feeling of fulfilment and meaning

  • A tangible confidence at your personal achievement

  • Fun and playfulness

  • A feeling of balance in your life

WARNING! Once you start drawing, you may well get hooked!

Lotti Brown, artist and drawing teacher at and

Lotti Brown, artist and drawing teacher at and

That’s what happened to me!

As a child and teen, I just drew and drew…

Just because it was fun and I loved to do it! Why else?!

I was lucky enough to get a job where I made technical drawings of maps and plans. I then went on to train and work in garden, interior, and textile design for many years.

Drawing all the way! So far so good!

But something deep inside me still felt flat and empty…

I realised that there was nothing personal and creative in my drawing – it felt dull and meaningless to me… not like when I was a child and drawing felt free.

So instead, I tried to revive my inner child in my drawings – to recapture some of that playfulness that we all inevitably seem to misplace somewhere when we get the idea we should just ‘grow up’!

I wanted to be natural and unselfconscious about my drawing – and draw stuff that I thought was interesting – stuff I was curious about, liked to look at, and wanted to find out more about…

The result was a different kind of art – and a different kind of me!

I felt happy, with a sense of purpose and inner fulfilment – calm but excited… a good place to be!

Drawing the things I love to draw in the way I love to draw them!

Drawing the things I love to draw in the way I love to draw them!

My drawings were based on drawing accurately and recogniseably…

And they still pulled ideas from the fundamentals of good design that I’d absorbed in all my years working in the design world…

But now they had something else too – something that actually meant something to me – a personal resonance that meant creating my art and drawings was now relaxing, enjoyable and fun!

I want to share with you this unique recipe for learning to draw – combining the fundamentals of good drawing, essential drawing skills and techniques to get you started…

But I also want to grow your confidence for you to draw in your own way, draw creatively, draw from you…

And most importantly for you – to create your most enjoyable and fulfilling creative life!

I can take you step by step through building your skills, gently, in a fun, unselfconscious way and at your own pace…


Start Drawing Your Way – The Essential Drawing Skills Online Course

In my online drawing course, together we’ll:

  • Learn the fundamentals of drawing

  • Learn personal creative drawing and develop your own style

  • Learn to think like an artist

  • Get absorbed in practical drawing exercises that allow you to explore drawing in your own way

  • Get personal feedback or choose the DIY option

  • Learn online from home at your own pace and when’s convenient for you

  • Practice, practice, practice!

  • Challenge your way of thinking

  • Follow a carefully planned route to drawing success

Learn the Fundamentals of Drawing

Learn the basics of how to draw. Once you master these fundamentals you really will feel confident that you can draw anything…

Learn simple drawing skills and techniques so that you can:

  • Give your art personality by drawing with interesting marks

  • Make your drawings come to life with drawn objects that look real and solid on the page – not flat and lifeless

  • Draw accurately and easily from life and from photos

  • Draw whatever you want

Learn Personal Creative Drawing and Develop Your Own Style

Wave goodbye to strict ideas of drawing ‘properly’ or drawing the ‘right way’.

We’ll start you drawing in a more free way – that feels natural and innate to you – so that drawing becomes easy, intuitive and fun.

We’ll reconnect to your inner child and get back to that sense of playfulness and curiosity that grows your creative muscles for more enjoyable drawing.

Never again wonder, “What should I draw?” – I help you start to find your own subject matter to draw - so that you stay excited and interested in your art hobby, enjoy what you draw and feel more happy and fulfilled in your life.

I can help you to master the essential drawing skills plus put your own creative twist into your drawings

I can help you to master the essential drawing skills plus put your own creative twist into your drawings

Learn to Think Like an Artist

I explain essential concepts, skills, and techniques to you in the online drawing course – so that you understand why you’re learning them and how they’ll help you improve your drawing skills.

These skills will de-mystify the art process and will help you draw anything you want.

Through carefully planned drawing exercises you’ll practice these skills and will gradually learn to think like an artist.

Once you’re able to do this, your drawing will seem to magically improve!

Get Absorbed in Practical Drawing Exercises that Allow You to Explore Drawing in Your Own Way

Practice makes perfect! So we’ll be doing lots of practice together through the Essential Drawing Skills online course.

  • I’ve very carefully chosen practical drawing exercises to learn specific techniques and ideas or explore specific skills.

  • No mindless repetition! Each drawing exercise has a purpose and will improve your drawing skills and creative thinking.

  • But each one is also open to your own interpretation and you’re free to explore it in your own way – in this way you grow your creativity and challenge your ways of thinking.

I aim to make the exercises fun – and perhaps a little unexpected – so that you learn naturally and unselfconsciously – without even feeling like you’re learning! This will help you to keep going so that you actually get results!

Start drawing your way with my help…

Start drawing your way with my help…

Get Personal Feedback

If you choose the full, feedback version of the online drawing course, I will be right by your side as you work through the course, at your own pace.

I’ll be here to answer your questions and to give you private, personal feedback by email for every single drawing exercise.

With my personal drawing help, you can:

  • Learn thoroughly

  • Improve quickly

  • Increase your understanding

  • Get unstuck and fix problems fast

  • Gain confidence

  • Get moral support for those little wobbles!

Or Choose the DIY Option

If you choose the DIY option, you’ll enjoy:

  • A very budget-friendly option

  • Working on your art privately

  • Self-reflection on your own drawings

  • All the info and drawing exercises are exactly the same – so you won’t miss out on any learning at all.

I don’t leave you high and dry – you’re welcome to ask short questions to clarify understanding over particular points in the course content, but I can’t give you personal feedback on your drawings.

You can get started with the DIY option and then upgrade to the feedback version later:

  • I offer partial upgrades if you’ve already worked through part of the course.

  • Or you can get feedback for just one lesson if you just need a little extra help to get unstuck.

  • Just ask once you’ve started.

We learn the skills to help us draw from life as well as drawing from photo resources

We learn the skills to help us draw from life as well as drawing from photo resources

Learn Online From Home – At Your Own Pace and When’s Convenient for You

With my online drawing course, you can:

  • Start instantly

  • Learn from home – in your pyjamas if you want!

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Take a break while you’ve got other stuff going on in your life

  • Or speed through the lessons if you prefer

  • Learn whenever’s convenient for you – whether that’s 6am, midday or midnight!

No need to bother with traffic jams, parking worries, or carting your art supplies around – get everything you need in your own living room at the touch of a button – and break off whenever you need to…

Easy – and at your convenience!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Yeah… practice is the only way!

I’m not going to promise a magical drawing technique that you can master in two hours and then have the ability to draw anything…

I don’t think that actually exists!

Learning to draw does take time and it means you do have to practice drawing.

If this has felt like a chore in the past, it’s probably because you’ve been sweltering over someone else’s technique that’s not the right one for you.

That’s why I encourage you to draw confidently and naturally in your own way, right from the start – so that your drawing practice is not a chore…

It’s something that’s natural and instinctive to you – perhaps a challenge, but fun, satisfying…

And you want to keep going and keep improving – I told you that drawing can be addictive!!

We experiment and practice with different drawing mediums inside the course so that you can decide for yourself which you want to develop more with

We experiment and practice with different drawing mediums inside the course so that you can decide for yourself which you want to develop more with

Challenge Your Way of Thinking

Artists think differently – they see things differently. It’s what makes us artists.

This isn’t some special talent that artists were born with – it’s just a different way of looking and thinking. And anyone can learn to do it. That’s what my Essential Drawing Skills online course is all about!

But I have to warn you – you may find your pre-conceived ideas about how to draw are up-ended. I’ll challenge you to start thinking differently…

When you start to see the world differently, your whole life will change!

Follow a Carefully Planned Route

I take you gently through what you need to know, even if you’ve never drawn a thing in your life!

For absolute beginners without a clue where to start, or budding artists, or those returning to a long-lost hobby – I’ll guide you carefully, step by step through the basic fundamentals – gradually improving your skills and confidence and building your creative muscles until you feel ready to take flight on your own personal creative journey…

No need to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of drawing tutorials, videos, challenges and practices out there! I’ll take you by the hand and guide you through everything you need to know - through a series of fun, practical drawing exercises.

You won’t even feel like it’s learning – more like playing!

Do it all at your own pace and in your own way!

Start Drawing Your Way Essential Drawing Skills Online Course

What’s in the Lessons?

Essential Drawing Skills - Online Drawing Course – Lesson Contents

  • Lesson Seven: Light & Shade, Tone & Form - let’s practice looking for dark and light when we draw and understand how this helps your drawings look real or ‘solid’.

  • Lesson Eight: Mark-Making - make your mark! Understand how you can use marks to show contour lines and form. Put personality into your drawings with your unique mark-making style.

  • Lesson Nine: Expression, Gesture & Style - let’s start drawing expressively and develop your personal drawing style.

  • Lesson Ten: Seeing and Scaling - let’s learn some more artist techniques for accurate drawing and practice the gridding technique.

  • Lesson Eleven: Reflection, Personal Style & Expression - let’s think about our own art, developing a personal style and putting emotion into our drawings!

  • Lesson Twelve: Staying Inspired - let’s find ways to stay inspired as we continue our artistic journey!

  • Lesson One: Rethinking Drawing - why do we make drawings? What should a drawing look like? What’s a ‘good’ drawing?

  • Lesson Two: Get a Feel - Exploring Materials - let’s get a feel for the different sort of drawing materials commonly available, decide which we like, and understand how best to use them. And let’s start drawing with them, too!

  • Lesson Three: Looking and Drawing - let’s start looking like artists do - and trying out some fun drawing techniques to get you involved in the artistic process itself and not worried about the end result - it’s the best way to learn looking!

  • Lesson Four: Seeing Shapes - let’s deconstruct our subject matter into simple shapes and lines to help you make more accurate drawings!

  • Lesson Five: Creativity, Curiosity & Risk - let’s kick-start our creative mindset and start thinking differently about how to make our drawings with some playful exercises to help you get curious!

  • Lesson Six: Measuring & Angles - let’s learn drawing techniques for accurate proportions and measurements - for drawing from photos and for drawing from life.

PLUS – I have some really awesome bonuses for you:

  • Sharing Your Work Without Fear (pdf) - so that you feel confident that you know where to go and how to start when you’re ready to start sharing your artwork.

  • Photo Resources - 200 photos of plants and flowers that you can use to practice drawing during the course or afterwards.

Got questions?

Browse the Online Drawing Course FAQs or just ask me if your question hasn’t been answered yet…

My online drawing course will help you learn to draw in the way that’s best for you

My online drawing course will help you learn to draw in the way that’s best for you

Join me inside my Drawing Your Way Essential Drawing Skills Online Course…

Learn how to draw:

  • Draw confidently and be proud of your drawings

  • Feel fulfilled by your drawing so that your life feels full and meaningful

  • Express yourself with your art so that it’s enjoyable and fun

  • Develop your own personal drawing style so that your art feels interesting and exciting to practice

  • Enjoy your life more with a sense of creativity and playfulness

  • Feel more balanced and calm in your life when you draw



Choose your preference…



Got a question about the course? Ask me…

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I think that you’ll love the drawing course, but if you get started & then feel it’s not for you, let me know within 14 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money.

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