Online Drawing Course - Start Drawing Your Way Essential Drawing Skills Course

Ditch drawing ‘properly’ and draw ‘you’ instead!


The essential online drawing course to help you start drawing your way…

Learn how to draw with a variety of mediums and in your own unique style

Learn how to draw with a variety of mediums and in your own unique style

Do you wish you could draw well?

Would you love to:

  • Draw confidently?

  • Feel fulfilled by your drawing?

  • Express yourself with your art?

  • Develop your own personal drawing style?

Perhaps art was your favourite subject at school and you’d love to recapture that interest.

Or maybe you’ve always secretly been jealous of those talented artistic types and wondered what special qualities they have that you seem to lack…

Perhaps you’ve done a few art classes, read some books or watched art videos and tutorials online but still can’t quite seem to make things work for you…

And you can’t recapture the joy at creating that you know other people experience when they draw and create art…

Lotti Brown, artist and drawing teacher at and

Lotti Brown, artist and drawing teacher at and

Don’t worry. I get it. In fact, I understand all too well…

I’ve been there myself!

I’m Lotti Brown. I’m an artist and I teach online drawing courses to people who secretly yearn for a more creative and fulfilling life.

Art was by far and away my favourite subject at school.

As a child and teenager, I loved it so much that my parents didn’t allow me to do my art homework until ALL my other homework was finished.

That’s because I would, literally, spend every waking moment with a pen or pencil in my hand… always drawing something!

Yes, drawing was and always has been my ‘thing’…

Coloured pencils, inks, charcoals, pastels, pens – I love it.

Paint… nah, not so much (although it’s still super-fun to have a painty-playtime now and then).

Drawing was just my happy place…

A place to feel free, to feel alive inside, to do my own thing, to not be judged, to think, to explore, to play, to create.

So far, so good… and after studying art history as part of a modular degree (alongside French and History) and a very miserable couple of years with a long commute to a busy bank cashier job, I was overjoyed to get a job where I actually got to draw all dayyes, for real!

The job was technical drawing – of maps and plans, to be precise (and I had to be… precise, that is!). Awesome! I joked that my new job was ‘colouring in’ and when I went to work I didn’t even feel like I was working!

Interior design drawing uses technical drawing skills for neat, precise drawings

Interior design drawing uses technical drawing skills for neat, precise drawings

From there, I struck out on my own and went into design work…

Interior design, garden design, home colour consultancy, and then textile design and surface pattern design.

I was still drawing… but somewhere along the way, the personal joy in expressive, artistic drawing was gone.

I hardly once drew anything for me… anything personal or meaningful.

I had a whole litany of reasons (that I now see are just excuses):

  • “I’m too tired” (but creativity actually gives me energy not takes it away!)

  • “I don’t have an art studio” (this is a weird one because I haven’t ever had an art studio – I guess I just thought it was something ‘proper’ artists had to have!)

  • “I don’t have a desk or space for drawing” (I still don’t!)

  • “I don’t have room for art equipment” (goodness! - how much space do a few pens actually take?)

  • “I don’t have time” (you make time when it’s important to your well-being)

  • “I don’t have money for art equipment” (drawing tools are actually pretty inexpensive and when I used art to make myself happy I found I wasn’t spending money trying to buy happiness with pointless purchases)…

I’ll tell you more about how all this turned out in a minute!

I’d been so focused on drawing ‘properly’ I forgot that drawing ‘me’ was vital!

I woke up one day, feeling empty inside and realising that I was so tired and miserable with my way of life - and my physical, mental, and emotional health was suffering, and my personal relationships were suffering too, because of it…

I was craving what I knew was missing from my life – freedom to create from my heart, playfulness, inner joy in my art and drawing…

I understood that it was absolutely essential to my well-being to tune back into my personal creativity and use my drawings to explore inner meaning and create a life of fulfilment.

Drawing the things I love to draw in the way I love to draw them!

Drawing the things I love to draw in the way I love to draw them!

So I went back to creating my art in a personal, intuitive way again, just like I’d done when I was a child…

– feeling free to explore in my own way the subjects and themes that light me up inside…

But also drawing on the technical drawing skills and design techniques that I’ve learned over more than two decades…

- and which I believe actually do make a wonderfully sound basis for great art.

I allowed myself to feel free with my drawing, to just be me, be creative, be playful, make mistakes and explore my world through art…

And do you know what? When I did start drawing again, I started with a biro in a lined notebook. I drew on my knee, sat on the sofa, in front of the TV.

Drawing can be done just in a lined notebook with a biro if you want!

Drawing can be done just in a lined notebook with a biro if you want!

It turned out I didn’t actually need all those things I thought were stopping me from drawing…

That’s one of the reasons that drawing is so awesome

Actually, all you really need is:

  • something to draw with (a biro will do)

  • something to draw on (a lined notebook or the back of an envelope is fine)

  • five or ten minutes of your time

  • and the desire to draw!

No studio, no desk, no fancy equipment (and no messy paint splatters to clear up afterwards!).

What’s important comes from inside you!

Even now, I don’t have a dedicated drawing desk or drawing table.

I draw on my fold-down dining table in my living room and at the end of every session, I pack my drawing papers away under my computer desk and I pack my pens away on a shelf in a bookcase.

In the end, it was that easy to start once I’d seen the excuses for what they really were!

Drawing is something that’s actually so easy to fit into our lives once we get into the right routine for us…

And it improves our lives enormously as an outlet for creativity and personal meaning.

We don’t need too much equipment – just a few pencils, pens, charcoals and paper are needed for my drawing course – and we can do so much with just these few drawing tools…

I think that a more creative and fulfilling life is something that we all secretly yearn for…

AND this is definitely NOT reserved only for those lucky few born with ‘natural artistic talent’.

I don’t believe one iota in the talent myth – or that there are people who are ‘just not artistic’.

I believe that we can all be great artists and that we owe it to our own mental and emotional well-being to bring some sort of creativity into our lives.

Art can be taught and art can be learned. There are a few essential art skills and drawing skills that, once explained well, can be easily understood and then put into practice.

Drawing is a skill that can be learned

Drawing is a skill that can be learned

Drawing skills can be learned…

And then it’s just a matter of practice – just like any skill…

Whether that’s speaking another language, learning to play guitar (which I’m currently all fingers-and-thumbs over), learning to dance ballet, or drawing.

We learn the essentials and then we practice. Then we start to make it our own.

Once we’ve got the essential skills under our belt (which could take way less time than you might think!) we can start to make our drawing our own.

We can add our own flourishes, our own unique style, our own personality.

Great art is not one particular ‘proper’ way of doing things – putting ‘you’ into your art is vital, it’s what makes it art.

Art is your own way of doing things, the way that’s right for you (and possibly not for anyone else on the planet).

This is the way of drawing that brings joy, satisfaction and fulfilment.

And other people can sense this in your art too - it’s real and people connect with it! So your art can be admired and loved by others as well as making you happy!

I can show you how to do this.


The Essential Online Drawing Course

My ‘Drawing Your Way Essential Drawing Skills Course’ teaches you essential drawing skills blended with creative exercises to get you started creating art confidently in your own personal drawing style.

I can help you to master the essential drawing skills plus put your own creative twist into your drawings

I can help you to master the essential drawing skills plus put your own creative twist into your drawings

We work through the online drawing course together.

I’m here to help you to:

  • Understand the essential drawing skills you need to master accurate drawing

  • Infuse your artwork with your personal passions

  • Start developing your own compelling artistic style

  • Enjoy your artmaking

  • Feel fulfilled by your drawing

You get personal feedback* from me throughout the online drawing course to help you on your way so that you:

  • Never feel stuck

  • Never feel confused

  • Never feel left behind

* personal feedback is not available in the DIY version of the course

You can:

  • enjoy drawing in your own way

  • develop your skills in accurate drawing

  • embrace your personal creative style

Draw Confidently and Creatively

We’re all artists.

We experiment and practice with different drawing mediums inside the course so that you can decide for yourself which you want to develop more with

We experiment and practice with different drawing mediums inside the course so that you can decide for yourself which you want to develop more with

Drawing and creativity is a skill anyone can learn.

In the online drawing course, we’ll cover essential drawing topics and skills such as:

  • making accurate and proportional drawings

  • looking at light and shade

  • drawing from life

  • how to measure sizes, proportions, and angles.

We’ll draw with different mediums so that you can feel which suit you best.

We’ll do lots of different drawing exercises and creative exercises which are specially designed to help you ditch the drawing overwhelm and instead open up to your own personal, innate creativity – the drawing style that reflects the real you.

By the end of the course, you will feel confident to continue practising your drawing and exploring your art in your own way. You’ll know the mediums, themes, and subject matters that are starting to feel like yours, the artistic path that’s waiting for you…

In the course we study together:

Start Drawing Your Way Essential Drawing Skills Online Course
  • Lesson One: Rethinking Drawing - why do we make drawings? What should a drawing look like? What’s a ‘good’ drawing?

  • Lesson Two: Get a Feel - Exploring Materials - let’s get a feel for the different sort of drawing materials commonly available, decide which we like, and understand how best to use them. And let’s start drawing with them, too!

  • Lesson Three: Looking and Drawing - let’s start looking like artists do - and trying out some fun drawing techniques to get you involved in the artistic process itself and not worried about the end result - it’s the best way to learn looking!

  • Lesson Four: Seeing Shapes - let’s deconstruct our subject matter into simple shapes and lines to help you make more accurate drawings!

  • Lesson Five: Creativity, Curiosity & Risk - let’s kick-start our creative mindset and start thinking differently about how to make our drawings with some playful exercises to help you get curious!

  • Lesson Six: Measuring & Angles - let’s learn drawing techniques for accurate proportions and measurements - for drawing from photos and for drawing from life.

  • Lesson Seven: Light & Shade, Tone & Form - let’s practice looking for dark and light when we draw and understand how this helps your drawings look real or ‘solid’.

  • Lesson Eight: Mark-Making - make your mark! Understand how you can use marks to show contour lines and form. Put personality into your drawings with your unique mark-making style.

  • Lesson Nine: Expression, Gesture & Style - let’s start drawing expressively and develop your personal drawing style.

  • Lesson Ten: Seeing and Scaling - let’s learn some more artist techniques for accurate drawing and practice the gridding technique.

  • Lesson Eleven: Reflection, Personal Style & Expression - let’s think about our own art, developing a personal style and putting emotion into our drawings!

  • Lesson Twelve: Staying Inspired - let’s find ways to stay inspired as we continue our artistic journey!

PLUS – I have some really awesome bonuses for you:

  • Sharing Your Work Without Fear (pdf) - so that you feel confident that you know where to go and how to start when you’re ready to start sharing your artwork.

  • Photo Resources - 200 photos of plants and flowers that you can use to practice drawing during the course or afterwards. 


We learn the skills to help us draw from life as well as drawing from photo resources

We learn the skills to help us draw from life as well as drawing from photo resources

This online drawing course will help you to:

  • Draw well and accurately - but also…

  • Ditch drawing ‘properly’ and draw ‘you’ instead

  • Have fun with your pen, pencil or charcoal stick

  • Enjoy the freedom of drawing creatively

  • Make beautiful drawings that reflect the real you

I believe that we’re all happier when we’re being creative in our own way… that’s what I want to help you with.

Make drawing your art

Become an accomplished, mesmerising, fantastic, and unstoppable artist.

Let’s get going together on your big artistic dream…

  1. I’m a complete beginner. Can I do this course if I’ve never drawn before?

    Yes, absolutely. One of the first things that we do is look at holding a pencil so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never drawn anything at all before.

  2. I’m confident in my drawing. Is this course suitable for me or is it just for beginners?

    Yes - although the course is suitable for beginners, if you’re more confident with your drawing you can still benefit if you’re looking to feel more ‘you’ in your art, find your style, or draw more accurately.

  3. How long is the course?

    The course is 12 lessons and each has several different exercises. Some of the lessons are longer than others and you are encouraged to go completely at your own pace. You could do the course in around 3 months if you studied one lesson a week. You may prefer to go much faster or much slower than that.

    There are also many drawing exercises and prompts in the later lessons that could provide you with inspiration for your own drawings and art for months or years.

    I will provide feedback for your drawings from 12 months from purchase (not available for DIY option).

    And you will have lifetime access to the course.*

    *Lifetime access refers to availability for so long as the website and course exist. In the unlikely event that it closes, you will be informed by email and given at least 60 days to print off and save what you need.

  4. How much time do I need to commit per week?

    It’s totally up to you as the course is entirely self-paced. An average of 2-3 hours a week would probably see you through the course in 3 to 4 months.

  5. I want to learn a certain style of drawing. Do you teach that? Is this course suitable?

    No - I’m sorry but I don’t teach a particular style. We try out lots of different mediums and techniques in the course to see what’s right for you personally and encourage you to develop your own style that feels natural to you.

  6. Will this course teach drawing from the imagination?

    We merely touch on drawing from the imagination in the course. The vast majority of the course is based on drawing from observation, from life or from photos and then putting your own style or personality into the drawing - which can mean going very stylised or quite abstract if that’s the way for you - we look at how to start doing this as part of the course, too.

  7. What mediums is this for?

    In the course, we focus on drawing with pencils, charcoals, and drawing pens.

  8. Do I need to find my own subjects to draw?

    Many of the subjects to draw are available as part of the course as downloadable hi-resolution photos, either from the course directly or from a trusted third-party photo-resource site. You are also encouraged to start finding some of your own subject matters to draw from life and to help inspire you to explore your own creativity.

  9. Will you teach me to draw like you?

    No - I’m sorry but I don’t teach a particular style. We try out lots of different mediums and techniques in the course to see what’s right for you personally and encourage you to develop your own style that feels natural to you.

  10. I noticed that your artworks are created digitally from your drawings. Does the course include this?

    No. The course is about getting confident with essential drawing skills using pen/pencil/charcoal and paper/card - and developing your own personal drawing style and personal creativity, of course. If you’re interested in learning how to take your own drawings digital, please stay tuned as I’m developing a course on that, too.

  11. I’m looking for lessons about colour. Will you teach this?

    No. This course doesn’t focus on colour, we focus on essential drawing skills. Colour is a big passion of mine so I’m planning on doing a separate course about colour so I hope you can join me for that.

  12. I’m looking for lessons about compositions in artworks. Is this included?

    No. This course doesn’t include composition, we focus on essential drawing skills. Composition is a vitally important part of creating artworks, though, so I’m planning on doing a separate course about composition so I hope you can join me for that.

  13. Is this a complete drawing system?

    I wouldn’t really describe this as a drawing system or a step-by-step guide to making great drawings. It’s all about encouraging you to understand the principles of drawing and art and how you can use drawing techniques to help you with this - and this will help you to make great drawings in your own way.

    I do take you through right from the start, though, and show you the essential drawing skills you need to get you drawing and get you confident that you can draw well and accurately and you can put ‘you’ into your drawings, too. The rest is just practice!

  14. How is the course different from the information I can find for free on your website?

    On the website, the information is necessarily brief. In the course, even where we tackle the same subjects, we take a deeper dive with more in-depth explanations as well as lots of carefully-designed practical drawing exercises where you can have a go yourself and get used to the techniques.

    You also get to ask questions, share your drawings and get personal feedback from me so that your speed and depth of learning are both greater (not available for the DIY version of the course).

  15. What’s the difference between the standard version with feedback and the DIY version without feedback?

    The standard version includes the opportunity for you to upload your drawings to the online course pages for my feedback and ask me questions about your drawings and artwork that you’ve done for the course, places you might be struggling or aspects you find difficult.

    This can help you to develop your skills more quickly as together we can get to the root of what’s worrying you or where you’re feeling stuck and try to help you move forward confidently.

    The DIY version does not have any feedback on your drawings or opportunity to discuss your own artistic development and how you feel that you’re doing with your own drawings. You are, of course, welcome to ask short questions to clarify understanding over particular points about the course content so you’re not left feeling high-and-dry.

    The DIY version could be perfect for you if you feel confident reflecting on your own work - which I encourage you to do as part of the course, in any case, as it’s an essential skill to develop as an artist. It’s also very budget-friendly if you’re on a tighter budget.

    If you get going on the DIY version and you feel like you’d like to upgrade to the full version with feedback, just get in touch and ask me. (I’m afraid that down-grading from the full version to the DIY version is not possible).

  16. How do I get feedback on my drawings?

    Feedback* is available at the end of each lesson, online, via a commenting system that is private to our course but can be seen by other students on the course. You will be prompted to ask your questions, share your thoughts, and upload your drawings for feedback.

    I will check in at some point on most weekdays (Mon-Fri) to answer your questions and provide feedback for you (excepting planned vacations and bank holidays - the dates of which you will be able to see when you log in - plus illnesses or other emergencies).

    Feedback on your drawings is available for 12 months from the date of your purchase.

    You will need to login to Disqus to be able to upload drawings and make comments in the course. This is free and there is more information about how to use this to keep your activity private in our course T&Cs and in the course welcome information.

    *Feedback on your drawings is not available for the DIY version of the course.

  17. What materials do I need?

    • A range of drawing pencils from 9B to 3H would be ideal

      At a minimum, for pencils you will need:

      — a 5B/6B pencil

      —a B pencil

      —an H or an HB pencil

    • A fineliner drawing pen (with a 0.5 or 0.6 sized nib)

    • Charcoal

      — a few different charcoal pencils would be ideal or some charcoal sticks

      —at a minimum you’ll need a couple of sticks of willow charcoal

    • A soft kneadable eraser

    • A hard eraser

    • A pencil sharpener

    • Ruler

    • Drawing paper (a roll of wallpaper lining paper is all you really need for drawing in the course - and a smaller A4 sketchbook would also be useful)

    • Camera (a reasonable camera phone is okay) for our ‘scary-selfie’ exercise and to take photos of your artwork if you’d like to share it for feedback (feedback not available for the DIY version)

    • Access to the internet to access your lessons plus a PDF reader (usually already on your PC or browser) to access the PDFs (If you don’t already have access to a PDF reader you can download one for free from Adobe here…)

    • Access to a printer to print out your exercises and images to draw from

    • You might also like to use (optional):

      • Graphite sticks

      • White pastel or white pastel pencil

      • Medium-sized watercolour brush and jar for water

      • Scissors

      • Glue

      • Sellotape

      • Coloured drawing medium of your choice (example: pastels, markers, coloured pencils)

      • A few sheets of thicker card or watercolour paper

      • Patterned gift wrap or other old papers and craft supplies

    • I will also introduce you to other drawing accessories as part of the course (all optional) which include:

      • acrylic viewfinder

      • scales/proportionals

    • If you’re unsure what any of these are, please wait until lesson 2, where the materials are explained, before you make your purchases (the drawing accessories mentioned at the end of the list are discussed in lesson 10). Please, ask me if you’re still stuck with the basics after reading lesson 2.

  18. Will I be an accomplished artist by the end of the course?

    We are all individuals and all start from different places with our drawing so we’ll all be in different places at the end. By the end of the course, you should feel confident that you understand and can practice the essentials of drawing to make accurate drawings and are starting to develop your own style and starting to make art that feels more personal and meaningful to you.

  19. What format is the class?

    The lessons are online in password-protected webpages with supplementary PDFs to download. The course is made up of text and photos explaining the concepts we’re looking at. And then there are usually several drawing exercises to help you thoroughly learn the concept in a practical way that suits your own style.

    Some of the lessons have short videos to get you started with drawing technique. But I also want you to feel free to approach the exercises precisely in the way that comes most naturally to you as that’s the way that your own personal drawing style is born.

    Feedback is available through online commenting on the lesson pages where you can upload photos of your drawing exercises (no feedback in the DIY option).

    When you purchase, you will be emailed instant access to the course through a downloadable PDF that has all the details of your class access and the link to join us.

  20. Do I have to attend on certain days or at certain times?

    No. The course is entirely self-paced. Your lessons are always online waiting for you and you can access the lessons whenever you wish.

  21. When does it start?

    You can start the course whenever you wish with instant access as soon as you purchase.

  22. Is there homework?

    Yes - there are loads of exercises for you to do at home so that you get the most out of the course by doing not just reading. The course is entirely self-paced so you don’t have deadlines for the exercises. Do them at your own pace.

  23. Who will like the course? Am I a good fit?

    The course is for you if want to learn drawing in a creative and personal way - where you can learn essential drawing skills but also do things in your own way and develop your own unique drawing and artistic style.

    It’s for you if you want to learn drawing but also be challenged a little bit more to think, to find out more about yourself, think about how you want to draw and create art - and to develop a drawing habit that feels meaningful, personal and fulfilling.

    It’s not the course for you if you’re just looking for step-by-step instructions to ‘draw properly’ or to draw in a specific style you might have seen somewhere. It’s not for you if you don’t want to think differently about things. It’s not for you if you don’t want to add some of your own emotion, expression, and personality into your drawing. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t want to do these things, it’s just that this course may not be the best place for you, personally, to develop your drawing skills.

    If you’re still not sure, try reading some of my free website content and see what you think - if you like it, I think you’ll like the course.

  24. What if I don’t like it?

    If you enjoy the website content, I hope you’ll enjoy the course. But if you discover it’s not for you for some reason, that’s okay. Let me know within 14 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your money.

  25. Is the course for children?

    No - the course is not suitable for children.

  26. Can I share my course access with a friend?

    I’m sorry, no. Your course access is just for you. If you’re interested in doing the course as a group, please get in touch and ask me about group access.

  27. I don’t live in the UK? Can I take the course?

    Yes - absolutely. The course is online so it’s available to you wherever in the world you live.

  28. How do I pay for the course?

    Payment is made via Payhip who will take your payment through Paypal or Stripe and immediately deliver your course access details to you via email. You can pay through your Paypal account or through a debit or credit card of your choice. You do not need a Paypal account. Your payment is always secure. Check my privacy page for details of how Payhip/Paypal/Stripe keep your payments and personal details secure.

  29. Your prices are in GBP (British pounds £). Can I pay in my own currency?

    Yes. You can pay with your usual Paypal account or a debit or credit card of your choice and Paypal or Stripe (through Payhip) will automatically make the currency calculation for you.

  30. Can I see your course T&Cs before I sign up?

    Of course! Find them here.

  31. I’ve got another question.

    If you’ve got another question that I haven’t answered here, please just get in touch and ask me what you want to know…

You could keep trying on your own – picking up a few tips from YouTube videos or following step-by-step tutorials in an art book…

And with some luck, resourcefulness, a lot of practice, and a few mis-steps along the way, you can get good at drawing and eventually hit on your own artistic style.

Or you could come and join me, now, inside my Drawing Your Way Essential Drawing Skills Course and allow me to:

My online drawing course will help you learn to draw in the way that’s best for you

My online drawing course will help you learn to draw in the way that’s best for you

  • Guide you through understanding the essential drawing skills that you need to know

  • Help you put these essential skills into practice in your own way through a series of carefully planned exercises that you can work through in your own way and at your own pace

  • Inspire you to trust your own creativity

  • Remind you of how to work to avoid common pitfalls

  • Answer your questions*

  • Explain personally anything you don’t understand*

  • Help you develop by giving kind and constructive personal feedback for all your drawings*

  • Address any concerns you have with your art*

  • Set you right on the path to exploring drawing in your own personal way

  • Help you to understand your own personal artistic meaning and experience creative fulfilment with your art

* personal help and feedback is not available in the DIY version of the course

This is an online drawing course for people who secretly yearn for a more creative and fulfilling life…

I teach essential drawing skills combined with a sprinkling of tips and techniques for how to connect with your inner passions to create awesome, personal art.

My online drawing course combines:

  • Drawing accurately and well

  • Infusing your artwork with passion

  • Developing your own compelling artistic style

We’re all artists. Drawing and creativity is a skill anyone can learn and get good at.

My lessons explain drawing concepts in an easy-to-understand way – showing you WHY artists do things a certain way and putting you back in charge of your own unique drawing style.

Start drawing your way with my help…

Start drawing your way with my help…

  • Online format

  • Instant access

  • Work at your own pace

  • Ask questions*

  • Get personal feedback on your drawings*

  • Understand essential concepts of drawing

  • Unlock your personal creativity

  • Develop your artistic skills

  • Draw your way!

    *personal help and feedback is not available for the DIY version of the course




Choose your preference…



Got a question about the course? Ask me…

Money back guarantee

I think that you’ll love the course, but if you get started & then feel it’s not for you, let me know within 14 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money.

Course T&Cs here

All intellectual property rights in my designs and products (and in the images, text and design of this website) are and will remain the property of Charlotte Brown. Any infringement of these rights will be pursued seriously