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-- I create art for people who like to take the time to savour the beauty of the natural world around us -- Pet Art & Custom Pet Portraits - Wildlife & Bird Art - Floral Art - Nature-Inspired Surface Pattern Designs --


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This is me with Noah, my rough collie

Who are You?

Hi. I'm Lotti Brown, the artist behind this site. I think I'm what's generally known as a 'self-taught artist', meaning I didn't go to art school.

I love to draw flowers, plants, wildlife and especially pets.

You can find out a bit more about me on my About page

Where Do You Work?

I work from my home, in a village in East Yorkshire. I draw at my everyday dining table and I do the 'computer stuff' at my computer desk in a little corner under the stairs...

What's the Process? How Do You Make the Art?

I combine the best of traditional techniques and modern technology to create my unique artworks.

  • The art is first drawn by hand, with pens and ink on card. 
  • The pet and any additional flowers or motifs are drawn separately.
  • I scan the completed drawings into the computer and load them into the Adobe Illustrator programme.
  • Once they have been transformed into digital format, I am able to move the individual elements around, change the size and work on the colours.
  • The backgrounds are created from hand-painted fabrics which undergo a similar process.
  • I arrange all the elements together digitally, and this creates the final artwork.
  • The digital artwork is printed out physically with archival inks of acid-free matte archival paper with a giclee technique.
  • The giclee printing technique sprays the ink down onto the paper in smooth, velvety thick layers. There is no dot-matrix or lined pattern on the print as can happen in lesser quality print techniques.

Please click on any of the images below to see them full-size...

What is a giclee print?

A giclee print is a fine art print. It is created by spraying pigment onto archival quality paper or canvas. No screen is used in its preparation, so the reproduction is closer to the detail and colour in the original art work, and there is no visible dot pattern, as you see in lithographic printing techniques.

Do you sell limited edition prints?

My art prints in my store are open edition prints of original digital artwork. 

Where else can I buy products with your artwork and designs?

Take a look at my stores and list of additional stockists. Please see individual terms and conditions of each specific stockist if you are purchasing through an additional stockist.

Commissioning Custom Pet Portraits

Can you draw my pet?

Yes. I can draw your pet from a photo that you send me. I don't need to meet your pet in person. Please see details here.

Is my photo good enough to create a pet portrait from?

There are some hints and ideas for getting a good photo of your pet here.

If you’d like to know if your photo is good enough for me to create an artwork from, please just ask me. I love it when you send me a few photos and together we can choose the most suitable one to create the portrait from.

How do I order a custom pet portrait?

Please complete the form here. I’ll get back to you and ask you to tell me a little bit more about your pet, what you’re hoping for from your custom artwork, and I'll ask you to show me your best photos of your pet.

I’ll provide an estimate for you of the time and cost (sample prices here). A 50% non-refundable deposit is to be paid through paypal before I start work on your pet portrait. When I’ve finished your pet portrait I’ll show you the piece. The remaining 50% balance will need to be paid before I send you the completed art print.

Please also check the other sections on this page for more information about your order including Copyright, Shipping, and Delivery.

Also see the more detailed terms for your custom pet portrait on my Pet Portrait Information Page here...


Can I send you a photo of my pet that someone else took?

Please make sure that you have the permission of whoever took the photo before you send it to me.

Can I use the pet portrait for commercial purposes?

No. The artist retains full copyright for all artwork created, whether it’s a dog or cat print, or a custom pet portrait.

If you would like to sell or make any commercial use of the artwork, please ask me about licensing the work.

Will you sell prints of my custom pet portrait?

In order to keep prices down, the artist retains full copyright and the right to sell prints and printed products of any custom artwork created. If it is important to you, for this particular artwork, that it is not available for others to purchase, please let me know when you order. There will be an additional charge.

If it’s for a special gift, I am happy to keep the artwork private for a reasonable time to honour the surprise. Just let me know when you order.

Shipping and Delivery

Where do you ship to?

Shipping is available worldwide.

When you order directly from me for a custom pet portrait, or via my Etsy store, art prints are sent to you directly from my trusted print partner. Printing facilities for art prints are available in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Specific products or print sizes may not be available to print at every printing facility. Your print or product will be sent from your closest available facility.

Additional customs charges may be payable on receipt. You are responsible for paying any extra charges.

If you don't see your country on my postage list at my Etsy store, please get in touch for a quote. Folksy postage is to the UK only.

How is it packaged?

All purchases are securely packaged. Unmounted and unframed art prints are sent rolled up in a sturdy cardboard roll. Mounted and/or framed, and some smaller size art prints are sent flat, depending on packaging availability.

Is payment secure?

Yes. Payments via my Etsy and Folksy stores are handled via the Etsy and Folksy payment processors including Paypal. Payment for custom pet portraits is through Paypal only.

How long will it take to reach me?

Art prints are printed to order and posted out within 2-3 days of your order. Shipping times may vary according to your location.

Custom pet portraits typically take between 2 and 4 weeks. An estimate will be provided when you order.

What is your cancellation and returns policy?

Prints and Products from my Online Stores: please see individual terms on my Etsy and Folksy listings and contact me via those platforms for any cancellations and returns through these marketplaces.

Custom Orders: If you have ordered a custom pet portrait, I request a 50% non-refundable deposit before I start work. If you are happy with the final artwork, please pay the remaining balance so that the print can be sent to you. Once you receive the print, if you aren't happy in any way you can return it within 14 days for a refund of the cost of the art print ONLY (plus associated frames and mountings) less postage costs unless the item is defective. Please contact me in this case.

Surface Pattern Design and Licensing

What is surface pattern design?

This is simply the process of making surfaces look attractive, by designing artwork and/or patterns to decorate them. These could be surfaces like fabrics and wallpapers, or surfaces like phone cases, cushions, bags, scarves, rugs, plates, mugs, clothing and more.

What is licensing?

Licensing happens when you think one of my designs would look good on one of the products you make and sell.  A license gives you the permission you need to put my designs onto your products for sale. Licensing fees can be royalties and/or a flat fee.

Do I need a license to sell an item I sewed in your fabric, and want to sell?

If you've bought the fabric from my Spoonflower or Wovenmonkey stores, you are fine to sew products using the fabric, and offer these for sale. Please do let me know, though, and I can feature it on my blog for you.

How do I license one of your designs?

Take a look at my licensing portfolio, and then please get in touch and tell me a bit more about your products and your plans. I have lots of designs in my full private portfolio, and we can work together to find my designs which best suit your product.

Can I buy a design outright?

I'm sorry, I'm not currently offering any designs for outright purchase.

Who do I contact if I've got any questions or concerns?

If you've got any questions which haven't been answered here, or if you've encountered any difficulties when trying to purchase my products, please get in touch and let me know how I can help you.


All intellectual property rights in my designs and products (and in the images, text and design of this website) are and will remain the property of Charlotte Brown. Any infringement of these rights will be pursued seriously