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Lotti Brown - artist and drawing teacher at LottiBrownDesigns.com and DrawingYourWay.com

Lotti Brown - artist and drawing teacher at LottiBrownDesigns.com and DrawingYourWay.com

Who are You?

Hi. I'm Lotti Brown, the artist behind this site.

I create drawing lessons and resources for people who secretly yearn for a more creative and fulfilling life.

I teach them drawing skills while sprinkling in tips and techniques for how to connect with their inner passions to create awesome, personal art.

I also create my own art inspired by nature, wildlife, flowers, and our animal companions.

You can find out a bit more about me on my About page


Where Do You Work?

I work from my home, in a village in East Yorkshire. I draw at my everyday dining table and I do the 'computer stuff' at my computer desk in a little corner under the stairs...

What's the Process? How Do You Make the Art?

I combine the best of traditional techniques and modern technology to create my unique artworks.

  • The art is first drawn by hand, with pens and ink on card.

  • The pet and any additional flowers or motifs are drawn separately.

  • I scan the completed drawings into the computer and load them into the Adobe Illustrator programme.

  • Once they have been transformed into digital format, I am able to move the individual elements around, change the size and work on the colours.

  • The backgrounds are created from hand-painted fabrics which undergo a similar process.

  • I arrange all the elements together digitally, and this creates the final artwork.

  • The digital artwork can then be printed out onto a canvas, paper, or other products.

Please click on any of the images below to see them full-size...

What is that digital art thing all about? Is digital art even real art?

I believe it is, yes. More about that, here...

How can I start learning to draw?

I believe that we can all learn to draw - and have fun drawing in our own unique style to make meaningful and personal art that’s enjoyable and fulfilling. If you’d like to get started on your own artistic journey by learning to draw, start with the free drawing resources here…

What is surface pattern design?

This is simply the process of making surfaces look attractive, by designing artwork and/or patterns to decorate them. These could be surfaces like fabrics and wallpapers, or surfaces like phone cases, cushions, bags, scarves, rugs, plates, mugs, clothing and more.

I started my art career learning about surface pattern design and you can see many of my artworks and surface pattern designs on fabrics, wallpapers, fashions, homewares and more at my additional stockists.

If you'd like to find out more about learning about the fascinating world of surface pattern design, I can recommend the Make it in Design Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design courses (great for absolute beginners) and the Pattern Observer Textile Design Lab (ideally a little art experience first).

Where can I buy products with your artwork and designs?

Take a look at my store and list of additional stockists. Please see individual terms and conditions of each specific stockist if you are purchasing through an additional stockist.

 Is my data safe?

Please see my privacy policy for details of how we look after your information.

Who do I contact if I've got any questions or concerns?

If you've got any questions which haven't been answered here, or if you've encountered any difficulties when trying to purchase my products, please get in touch and let me know how I can help you.

 You might also like to look through the specific FAQs for the various sections of my site:

All intellectual property rights in my designs and products (and in the images, text and design of this website) are and will remain the property of Charlotte Brown. Any infringement of these rights will be pursued seriously