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Drawing Tips - Creative Drawing Techniques for Beginners and Developing Artists

Creative drawing tips and techniques to help you get started learning how to draw your own way.


Drawing Your Way

I believe that drawing, art, and creativity are very special indeed – the perfect melting pot of the world you see around you and the world that you feel and interpret inside your own mind and body.

This is what makes a drawing truly yours.

It allows us to understand something of ourselves and to communicate something of ourselves to others in our art – and this is what makes our creative work so meaningful, pleasurable, and compelling.

Can you get addicted to drawing? Oh, gosh… yes. I think so!

Especially when we’re doing it in the way that feels right and natural for us. I believe that we’re all happier when we’re being creative in our own way – so that’s what I want to help you do.

So much of the drawing instruction that I see available is mindless, step-by-step drawing outlines that can show you how to draw a dog, rose, or car in exactly the same way as the original artist. So far so good… you get an immediate result that usually looks pretty good.

Great if you just want an image of a dog, a rose, or a car for a particular project…

Learning to draw what you want, from life or from other visual reference

Learning to draw what you want, from life or from other visual reference

But what if you want more than that? What if you want to know how to draw anything? How to build up your drawing skills? How to draw something interesting and unique in your home or garden?

How to enjoy drawing for self-expression? How to build your artistic skills and develop your own artistic voice as a hobby or even a new career?

Would it help you to understand why you might put this line here or shade that bit there so that you could do it on your own next time?

Following step-by-step drawing outlines can also, ultimately, become very unsatisfying…

Why waste your time messing about and practising doing someone else’s artistic voice, when you can get to do it all your own way instead… and at the same time learn drawing tips and techniques that mean that you truly understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it…

You can draw with passion and feeling.

Expressive and personal drawing - shell drawn in charcoal

Expressive and personal drawing - shell drawn in charcoal

You can create something unique, extraordinary and wonderful…

All if you allow yourself to:

  • Draw as comes naturally

  • Follow your passions

  • Learn about drawing techniques and basic artistic concepts…

…that help you get good fast!

  • Practice lots

  • Have confidence and trust that you’re an artist!

‘Good’ artists are not magically talented. ‘Good’ art is not a mystery or an enigma.

You can be a good artist too. Yes. Really!

It’s just that no-one’s told you how to do it yet… and you haven’t had the chance to practice, learn, and develop your own drawing style.

That’s just what I’m going to help you with throughout the articles and drawing tips on this website and with all the exercises and instruction in my drawing and art technique courses that I have planned.

Colourful coneflower drawings in Promarker

Colourful coneflower drawings in Promarker

My creative drawing tips for beginners and developing artists

Art and drawing is exactly the same as any other skill…

You need to start with the basics:

  • Learn gradually

  • Practice

  • Practice some more

  • Keep learning

  • Get confident

  • Enjoy yourself

  • Then you’ll be ready to create your own masterpiece…

And it might take you less time than you think!

Will you join me for the next dance?

I always compare learning art and drawing to learning to dance a ballet…

Drawing by Edgar Degas, ca. 1878-80, chalk and graphite. H. O. Havemeyer Collection, Bequest of Mrs. H. O. Havemeyer, 1929

If you’d never learned a dance step in your life, you’d feel pretty outraged if you were suddenly expected to perform an exquisite rendition of Swan Lake, just because someone put a floaty-white tutu on you and set you on the stage in front of an audience!

So why do we expect ourselves to create an artistic masterpiece just because we bought a smart new sketchbook and a shiny new pen?

I’ve done it myself…

And I still always feel frustrated and let down when I don’t live up to my own unrealistic standards.

(Shall I let you into a little secret? Art is always a process of learning, however experienced or established you are! So just because you feel like this doesn’t mean you’re not an artist!)

So… what if we found out about all the basic ballet poises, positions and steps…

And practised, and learned them, and understood what we were doing… and practised putting these basics together in lots of different ways…

Expressive drawing in charcoal and colour pencil

Expressive drawing in charcoal and colour pencil

And got better… and we got faster… and it felt easier… and fun… And we started to feel our connection to the music and the story of the ballet… and we put in our own expression, our own unique flourishes, our own personal touch…

Well, then, we’d be master ballet dancers – accomplished, mesmerising, fantastic, unstoppable.

Our art would be our own.

That’s just what we can do in our drawing and visual artistic practice too – learning the basic skills and drawing techniques, picking up those helpful drawing tips that help us to develop in our own way, practising, improving, putting in our own expressions, flourishes, and personal touches…

Then, drawing would be our art and we would be accomplished, mesmerising, fantastic, and unstoppable artists…

That’s the plan! So let’s get started on our big artistic dream with the first, simple drawing skills:

Drawing Your Way

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Horse drawing in pen, charcoal and pastel

Horse drawing in pen, charcoal and pastel

Landscape sketch in black fineliner pen

Landscape sketch in black fineliner pen

Squirrel drawing in fineliner pen and Promarker

Squirrel drawing in fineliner pen and Promarker

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