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'Water-Sparkles Otter' Art - Behind the Scenes

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Bold and colourful otter art by Lotti Brown: 'Water-Sparkles Otter'.

I wanted to capture the energy and watery nature of the beautiful and elusive otter - one of our most amazing wildlife animals...

'Water-Sparkles Otter' art print by Lotti Brown

'Water-Sparkles Otter' art print by Lotti Brown

My beautiful, sleek, wet otter is surrounded by vibrant marsh marigolds, reeds and grasses to give a colourful artwork with a really watery feel.

I was inspired by a favourite film as a child: 'Ring of Bright Water' which tells the beautiful story of Gavin Maxwell's experiences of life in Scotland with an adopted otter.

I wanted the splashes of colour in the otter's fur to look like the sparkles of light and water from the film - and for the flowers and foliage to evoke those idyllic highland streams and ponds where the otter would play and swim - a little moment of tranquillity almost stood still in time.

Detail from the otter artwork

Detail from the otter artwork

I also remember an amazing experience from a few years ago, stood watching an otter play on the island of Jura in Scotland...

With my husband, I spotted the otter on the shoreline from the car and we pulled over and got out the car to watch her eat a meal of fish - she saw us but had no fear and stayed to continue her feast - an awesome and unforgettable sight that I feel privileged to have experienced.

Otter on the seashore in Jura, Scotland

Otter on the seashore in Jura, Scotland

The otter is amazingly sleek and lithe with wonderful arching shapes in her movements - you can just feel the strength, energy and absolute mastery and precision of the otter's body as you watch - and I hoped to try and capture some of that really special energy in my artwork, too.

Behind the Scenes of the Otter Artwork

Take a look at how I developed my otter art from my drawings with the help of the computer...

Click on the images below to see larger pictures and to find out more about the process...

The finished otter and marsh-marigold artwork - an explosion of colour and energy - wild nature, untamed!

The finished otter and marsh-marigold artwork - an explosion of colour and energy - wild nature, untamed!

I love how we feel like we've just caught a very special glimpse of this very private animal in his element...

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