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Tiger Art - Behind the Scenes

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Truly tropical tiger art by Lotti Brown

Colourful tiger art by Lotti Brown

Colourful tiger art by Lotti Brown

My tiger art is for you if you’re looking for a symbol of personal strength, independence, and vitality… the beautiful tiger is majestic, energetic, and powerful…

Here’s how I created the artwork from my pen and marker drawings, put together digitally in Adobe Illustrator.

Follow the process by clicking on the images below…

‘Tiger’ my completed tiger art

‘Tiger’ my completed tiger art

I love the sense of power, stillness, and poise of my tiger, perfectly at home amongst the foliage…

Detail from my ‘Tiger’ art

Detail from my ‘Tiger’ art

My tiger is available as a print, framed artwork, or canvas from my store.

He’s also available as a cushion, duvet cover, top, bag, phone case and more here…

You can see more of my wildlife and nature art here…

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