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Coal Tit Art - Behind the Scenes

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Sweet coal tit artwork ‘Coal Tit and Teasels’ by Lotti Brown

‘Coal Tit and Teasels’ art by Lotti Brown

We have had a pair of tiny coal tits in our garden for the past year and I love to see them appear on the tree branches, sweep down quickly to feed, and then dart quickly away again.

Although not as colourful as the blue tit, they’re beautiful little birds, very sweet to see, and I’m very excited to have done them a little artwork so that they can join in the teasely fun!

I love the action pose - in flight! It gives a really dynamic look to the artwork.

The colours, too, are some of my favourite - very natural but rich, warm, and really beautiful with the blends of yellows, blues, greens, greys and purples with earthy browns and beiges.

Detail from the coal tit artwork

Detail from the coal tit artwork

I created the artwork with a combination of pen and marker drawings on paper, ink-painting on fabric, and then all put together digitally in Adobe Illustrator to create the final artwork.

Click the images below to find out more about the art-making process…

And here’s the completed coal tit artwork:

Colourful coal tit artwork created digitally from drawings and painted fabric.

Colourful coal tit artwork created digitally from drawings and painted fabric.

I love the action pose of this beautiful little bird and the gorgeous soft colours and textures in the artwork. It’s a perfect matching pair for the Blue Tit and Teasels artwork or you could make a trio with the harvest mouse piece, too.

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