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Sunflowers Art Print - Behind-the-Scenes

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I'm sharing a behind-the-scenes look at my colourful and intricate Sunflowers art print... an artwork that will drench you in summer sunshine and joy! :)

Sunflowers - by Lotti Brown

For me, this is an artwork full of the colours, sounds and smells of Summer – I always love that time of year when, after weeks and weeks of climbing and growing, the sunflowers bloom…

They work so hard to grow as tall as they possibly can, and not only do they manage to look bright, bold and beautiful and spread cheer, but they also store up fat little seeds of nourishment for birds and mice throughout the winter…

What a wonderful flower!


I bet you grew sunflowers when you were a child didn’t you? Did any grow massively tall and make you proud?

For me, sunflowers feel full of hope, working hard and reaching for the sky, and always with a smile on their flowery-faces – what’s not to admire! :)

Sunflowers are beautiful in gardens (if you have the space!) but this work was actually inspired by one summer when the field near our home was filled with big, beautiful sunflowers, growing thick and yellow amongst the maize.

The same field, filled with flowers on a sunny October day in 2017.

The same field, filled with flowers on a sunny October day in 2017.

Such a fantastic surprise to see, and something more akin to the south of France than Yorkshire! Who could fail to feel their heart lift with joy at such a sight…

So I hope my sunflowers will make your heart lift with joy too, to see them, and know they’re jam-pack filled with the colours and sunshine of summer, to give you nourishment through the winter months…

Final 'Sunflowers' artwork

Detail of Sunflowers artwork

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