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'September Squirrel' Artwork - Behind the Scenes

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Gorgeous squirrel art with warm autumn colours from nature: 'September Squirrel'...

'September Squirrel' art print by Lotti Brown

'September Squirrel' art print by Lotti Brown

A glimpse of russet red amongst the trees... a red squirrel exploring the tree tops - one of the most exciting wildlife spots in Britain!

I've been lucky enough to see a few red squirrels over the past few years - mainly in beautiful Scotland. Here's a sweet squirrel that I saw at a wildlife hide in a forest in southern Scotland...

Red squirrel in Scotland

Red squirrel in Scotland

It's always exciting to catch a glimpse of a squirrel amongst the trees...

Detail from my squirrel artwork

Detail from my squirrel artwork

Autumn is a great time to see these lovely little creatures as they build up their store of food to last the winter.

I wanted to create my artwork with warm autumn colours - browns, oranges and greens - lovely, rich colours that speak to me strongly of nature and this wonderful time of year...

Behind the Scenes of the Artwork

Here, I share the processes of creating the art from my original drawings...

Click the images below to see the full-sized image and find out more about the process...

My completed squirrel artwork with rich autumn woodland colours

My completed squirrel artwork with rich autumn woodland colours

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