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Nuthatch and Fir Artwork - Behind the Scenes

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I'm really pleased with how my Nuthatch and Fir artwork turned out because the sight of this little bird brings back lovely memories...

Nuthatch and Fir

The inspiration for the design was a nuthatch I saw on holiday in Scotland, feeding at a forest bird-hide.

Nuthatch at a forest feeder

Nuthatches are immediately recogniseable as they're the little birds that can run both up and down tree trunks. Clever stuff!

Such beautiful colours, too, so a bird I've definitely been planning on immortalising in artwork!

Pen and ink drawing of a nuthatch

Fir branches, clipped from my garden

Working on the initial composition, digitally

Giving the colours a bit more 'oomph'

Building up background layers

Colours and composition tweaked again for the final artwork

Detail of the artwork

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