New Summer 2019 Pattern Collections

My colourful new collections are now available for Summer 2019…

With a colourful contemporary look, and including delicate florals and traditionally-inspired patterns as well as bold boho styling, there’s sure to be something to inspire you…

Colourful summer collections by Lotti Brown Designs

Colourful summer collections by Lotti Brown Designs

The new designs are available as:

  • fabrics - for your own sewing projects

  • wallpapers - for exciting home makeovers

  • fashions and accessories - for a unique summer style

  • homewares and printed products - to personalise your space

I’ll share a list of stockists and links at the bottom of the page.

Carnation Carnival bag by Lotti Brown at Contrado

Carnation Carnival bag by Lotti Brown at Contrado

First, here’s a quick peep at all the new designs…

Tropical Coral fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Tropical Coral fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Patterns of Paradise in coral and blue - fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Patterns of Paradise in coral and blue - fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Patterns of Paradise in coral and yellow - fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Patterns of Paradise in coral and yellow - fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Flights of Fancy in soft coral - fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Flights of Fancy in soft coral - fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Flights of Fancy in bold yellow and blue - fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Flights of Fancy in bold yellow and blue - fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Flights of Fancy in pink and green - fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Flights of Fancy in pink and green - fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Carnival Colour fabric collection by Lotti Brown

Carnival Colour fabric collection by Lotti Brown


Here’s where you can find the new designs…

Fabrics & Wallpapers


A selection of fabrics available as yardage, fat quarters, or swatches plus wallpapers. Click here to see…

Boho Patterns of Paradise Yellow & Coral

Spoonflower -- international delivery from Europe & USA

Peacock Feathers Coral & Turquoise


A range of fabrics printed in the UK - swatches, fat quarters, or by the metre - click here to see…

Wovenmonkey -- international delivery from UK

Fashion, Homewares & Accessories

Peacock Feathers pouch by Lotti Brown at Redbubble - click pic to find it in the store

Peacock Feathers pouch by Lotti Brown at Redbubble - click pic to find it in the store


Redbubble - clothing , homewares, accessories - international delivery from a variety of international locations (Don’t worry about customs — click here for customs info)

Click here to visit the store…

Pretty butterfly wings patterned phone case by Lotti Brown at Redbubble - click pic to see it in the store

Pretty butterfly wings patterned phone case by Lotti Brown at Redbubble - click pic to see it in the store


Society6 - furniture, homewares & accessories - international delivery from USA (furniture delivered to USA only) - click here to see…

‘Patterns of Paradise’ cushion in coral and blue by Lotti Brown at Contrado - click pic to find it in the store

‘Patterns of Paradise’ cushion in coral and blue by Lotti Brown at Contrado - click pic to find it in the store


Contrado - fashion, accessories, homewares, furniture - international delivery from UK - click here to browse my store…

Tropical Coral Floral china plate by Lotti Brown at Contrado - click pic to find it in the store

Tropical Coral Floral china plate by Lotti Brown at Contrado - click pic to find it in the store


Artscase - phone & tech cases (iPhone & Samsung Galaxy) - international delivery from USA - click here to see…

Coral floral patterned phonecase by Lotti Brown at ArtsCase - click pic to find it in the store

Coral floral patterned phonecase by Lotti Brown at ArtsCase - click pic to find it in the store

Hope you have a colourful summer!

Joyful Blooming - New Art Collection

I love looking at and drawing flowers - the delicacy, the colours, their beauty and their energy to bloom and shine.

Drawing flowers

Drawing flowers

But, for me, my Joyful Blooming collection also has a much more personal resonance...

Joyful Blooming art collection - floral art

Joyful Blooming art collection - floral art

It's about when we come into our own, having the confidence to bloom in our own true colours and with all our energy - for ourselves and for others - being the best we can be, even if we're perhaps not as tall as some others, as bright, as strong, or as beautiful...

And trusting that we can share something of what makes us uniquely beautiful in our own way, so that this might inspire joy to others and even to ourselves.

Hollyhocks art print by Lotti Brown

Hollyhocks art print by Lotti Brown

It's taken me so long to feel able to start to grow as myself and to bloom.

I've also had to learn to prioritise my own self care so that I can use my precious energies for my blooming…

Making self care important isn't about standing alone but in finding those places where you can flourish and bloom together, like a beautiful garden.

Beautiful flowers, all different, enrich our lives

Beautiful flowers, all different, enrich our lives

It's a personal journey for us all, but everyone benefits when we each bloom in our own special way. 

Creating this collection has actually required far more deep soul searching than I would ever have imagined)... and I thought it was just going to be all about pretty flowers!!

Flower art 'Joyful Blooming' collection by Lotti Brown

Flower art 'Joyful Blooming' collection by Lotti Brown

Ultimately, I've learned that the blooming requires a quiet time, a fallow time, a growing, a nurturing, maturing, recovery and recuperation, and an acceptance of the quiet of not-blooming, just as much as the confidence to 'just bloom'.

Wisterian art by Lotti Brown

Wisterian art by Lotti Brown

Flowers seem all the more precious to me now, and I see in them a reflection of our human nature and our potential to shine, bloom, and share love and joy...

You can see more of my Joyful Blooming collection in my store here...

New Art in Store

Just to announce that I've new art in store today...

Joyful Blooming floral art collection by Lotti Brown

Joyful Blooming floral art collection by Lotti Brown

My 'Joyful Blooming' flower art collection is vibrant, beautiful and filled with all your favourite florals to inspire you with joy...

Colourful flower art 'Joyful Blooming' art collection by Lotti Brown

Colourful flower art 'Joyful Blooming' art collection by Lotti Brown

Arty Updates

I wanted to wish you a happy Easter...

Easter primroses

Easter primroses

And to let you know that I'm planning to launch my new nature and wildlife art collection next week...

Easter rabbit - sneak peek from my new collection

Easter rabbit - sneak peek from my new collection

Keep a look out for my new collection next week and sign up to my newsletter so that you don't miss the launch and an exciting gift I've prepared for you...

Horse Art - Behind the Scenes

Ideal for horse lovers - 'The Horse with the Golden Mane' - colourful and contemporary horse art prints in a vibrant lilac purple...

Horse art by Lotti Brown - 'The Horse with the Golden Mane'

Horse art by Lotti Brown - 'The Horse with the Golden Mane'

When I was a little girl I simply adored horses. I'm scared of heights so I've always found riding them a little bit terrifying, but I love to admire them from the safety of the ground - and this is such a handsome black and white horse with a stunning golden mane...

In this piece, I wanted to celebrate the beauty of this majestic creature - one of humankind's animal friends for thousands of years. Humans have a very close bond with horses and it's simply wonderful to see people and animals working together.

I showed this very handsome black and white horse against a purple evening sky, which really sets off his beautiful golden mane. Stunning!

Follow along with the images below to see how the art was created...

I use my own ink drawings and put them together digitally to create the final artwork piece.

Click on any of the images below to see a larger version and read the description...

The completed horse artwork - 'The Horse with the Golden Mane' by Lotti Brown

The completed horse artwork - 'The Horse with the Golden Mane' by Lotti Brown

The final horse art print is colourful and contemporary - and very sweet. This horse looks like the sort of horse I would have adored as a child! I could have spent hours brushing that long, flowing mane!

Detail from the horse artwork. Note the subtle blend of colours and slight texture effect in the background.

Detail from the horse artwork. Note the subtle blend of colours and slight texture effect in the background.

Buy It

You can get the 'Horse with the Golden Mane' fine art prints in my store

It’s also available on tops, cushions, bags, duvet covers and more here…

Do you want me to create your own custom pet portrait for you? Click here to find out more...

More pet art in my pet art gallery...

All intellectual property rights in my designs and products (and in the images, text and design of this website) are and will remain the property of Charlotte Brown. Any infringement of these rights will be pursued seriously.

New Designs at Lemon Head Prints

I have a new mini-collection of designs added to my portfolio of surface pattern designs at Lemon Head Prints...

Prairie floral pattern, ideal for interiors (low res)

The collection features pretty prairie style and ditsy floral patterns with yellows, whites and greens against a background of dark blues, greens and greys. They would make a very striking fabric or wallpaper design and are ideal for interiors.

Dark floral surface pattern design

The patterns are now licensed exclusively to Lemon Head Prints who are able to print the designs onto a variety of products, so please get in touch with them if you see a design here that you would like to use.

Blue ditsy floral pattern

Parakeet Paradise Pattern Collection

I've gone just a little bit tropical for this Parakeets artwork and accompanying surface pattern design collection: Parakeet Paradise.

Parakeet Paradise pattern collection by Lotti Brown

I wanted to create a dramatic and colourful collection with a tropical feel, perfect for summer style all year round!

I was inspired by some Crocosmia I drew from my own garden. A really easy plant to grow: hardy, and tolerates all kinds of neglect. But it looks so wonderfully tropical!

Tropical crocosmia drawings, from my own garden

I decided to put the flowers with some parakeets, for an exotic jungle feel.

Parakeet drawings

And also some begonia flowers and leaves, drawn from a beautiful houseplant I have in my home.

Tropical look from a common houseplant - begonia drawings

Once I had drawn and coloured the flowers and birds by hand, I scanned them into the computer, and started to create first an artwork...

Parakeet Paradise artwork by Lotti Brown

Then continuing to create matching patterns and designs to be used for fabrics and wallpapers.

You can see the final patterns below...

I really love the dark, dramatic backgrounds which set the bright colours off - tropical, but with year-round appeal.

Detail of my parakeets design

Where to Buy

You can buy my Parakeet Paradise collection as:

  • art prints

  • fashions

  • gifts, homewares, accessories

  • fabrics

  • wallpapers

Art Prints Available from my own Online Store

Framed and unframed art prints available from my online art store

Available from Other Stockists...

Some of the homewares and accessories available at my Contrado online store

Click on the shop name below to visit the store...

My own online stores - giclee art prints with international delivery available.

Redbubble - fashions, homewares, accessories including phone and tech cases. Worldwide delivery from various locations.

Contrado - homewares and accessories including chairs, floor cushions, plates, handbags and more. International delivery available from UK.

Spoonflower - fabrics, wallpapers and giftwrap. Worldwide delivery from USA or Europe.

Wovenmonkey - fabrics. International delivery available from UK.

Fabric samples from Wovenmonkey

Fabric samples from Spoonflower

New Fabric Design Pattern Collection - Art Deco

My new Art Deco surface pattern design collection is now available on fabrics and wallpapers...

Art Deco pattern design collection for fabrics, by Lotti Brown

The patterns are all inspired by the stylish Art Deco era. They are presented in beautiful, fresh, modern colours and created from intricate, hand-drawn artwork.

These fabrics and wallpapers are now available exclusively through Lemon Head Prints.

Please get in touch with Lemon Head Prints if you'd like to buy fabric or wallpaper printed with these patterns, or have ideas about how you'd like to use the designs.

Is Digital Art Real Art..?

I often get asked about digital art… how it’s created? …what part does the computer play? …and even if it should be considered ‘real’ art at all!?

Even though art technologies have been around for decades now, they’re still not widely understood, and most people, including many artists, have never had the opportunity to use them.

Of course, there are very many ways of using technology to create art – and I only know a tiny bit really – enough to create the work I want to create…. So we can’t cover absolutely all digital techniques here!

But I do want to share with you how I use digital art technologies to create art – and why I’m certain that this art form should definitely be considered ‘real art’.

My own artworks all actually start well away from the computer, which isn't always the case for digital art, but is still quite common these days as artists look to take the best of traditional and digital techniques.

I sit down with pen and paper – I draw and add colour. I use a black fine-liner pen, and promarker inks. I find drawing in this traditional way allows me to draw naturally and in my own particular drawing style.

I love to draw so I make it the basis of my digital art style

I think using these ‘traditional’ drawing methods to create the artwork gets the hand-drawn feel into the final artwork, and creates a unique textural quality that can be hard to create in pieces created solely on the computer.

Drawing some forsythia flowers to put with my iris drawings

I draw each flower or bird separately, as this makes them much easier to work with once they are in the computer.

Sometimes more than 20 individual drawings are put together to create a single artwork

I scan each drawing into the computer, and import them into Adobe Illustrator using the ‘Image Trace’ command, which vectorises the scanned image. 

Importing the scanned drawings into the computer programme

This means that it translates the marks into a format that can be understood by the programme software. This means I can use the software to manipulate it, change scale, and even colours.

The settings I choose when vectorising control how the drawing will appear, so I usually play around with these a bit, to make sure it looks how I want.

The background white page needs removing once the drawings have been vectorised.

Once it’s scanned and vectorised, each drawing needs the white paper behind it separating from the artwork and deleting (see images above and below), so that we can use each drawing free of the background.

Luckily as it's on the computer screen we can zoom in to check for stray bits of white from the paper background that was scanned in along with the drawing.

I've put a coloured background in, so that I can see the motifs (drawings) clearly. Then I can start moving them around, and resizing them to create the layout. It’s easy to duplicate the motif, and it can be flipped or rotated to give variety, too.

My iris drawings are now ready to be moved about on the screen to create the layout

I usually work on the layout first, before turning my attention to the colours...

Motifs/drawings all cleaned up and ready to start the design

Creating an initial framework for the layout/composition

Although the drawings are scanned in ready coloured from my drawings on paper, the colours can seem washed-out from the scanning and vectorisation process

I usually start by making them more saturated, and most often I work to adjust each colour individually, selecting it and using the colour sliders to select a colour I like, to see the effect.

Changing the colours, making them stronger, and more textural

Sometimes I work with colour palettes I created at an earlier date, and change all or some of the colours I drew originally to colours from this palette. I like the colours in my artworks to have a bit of a ‘shimmer’ to them, so it can take many experiments to get the right effect.

Experimenting with colours - work in progress

I usually create the background towards the end, using my drawings as the basis to create coloured shapes that give a textural effect. I love to try out the opacities feature to make these shapes semi-transparent, and a bit more interesting.

Trying out a darker version - not sure!!

I also often make the coloured background semi-transparent, too, and put a scan of a piece of fabric I’ve hand-painted in inks, behind the background. This creates depth and texture in the background.

This calls for lots of color tweaks for the background layers as I work hard to get an overall effect that gives the feeling I’m aiming to create.

If I’m creating a repeating pattern I will need to make sure that each edge of my rectangular swatch matches exactly to the opposite edge, so that everything matches up when it’s repeated out.  I also need to try out the repeat, and tweak many times, to make sure there are no unattractive ‘lines’ or ‘holes’ appearing in the patterns. This stage can sometimes take very many hours.

Once I’m happy with the design, or art piece, it’s saved as a low-resolution, web-friendly image, and also exported as a high quality PNG or TIFF, suitable for print.

Saving a version of the file - this isn't the final version - still more tweaking!

Although the artwork is created digitally, it only exists to eventually be printed out in physical format – whether this is a high quality giclee print for framing, a greetings card, or even put onto wallpaper or fabric.

In this way, the digital component is just another tool that the human artist uses – the mouse is the equivalent of the paintbrush or palette knife, and the screen the canvas. The computer doesn’t create the artwork, it’s simply a medium that the artist can manipulate, to make the vision in his or her head into a physical reality that others can see too.

Digital art still uses the artist’s skill at composition, draughtsmanship and colour. The machine can’t create an artwork from nothing. The human artist makes decisions, and creates the piece from their personal vision.

You will be able to see the final version coming soon to my online store

I must admit, it is nice, though, to be able to tweak layouts until they look right – and to change colours easily. This is vital, too, for creating patterns and designs from my artwork – moving motifs precisely to create repeating patterns, and developing alternative colourways quickly and easily.

I think this is one of the main advantages of creating art digitally (at least in part) – it gives the utmost flexibility to the artist, which is a wonderful gift.

I love the hands-on, ‘traditional’ drawing I do with pens and paper most of all – it’s an intense experience, and I feel really involved, and very connected to my subject.

I really do love the digital bit that comes afterwards, too – with so much scope for experimental play, trial and error, to see just where I can push my art.

Take a look at the final print in my nature and birds collection also available in my print store or on printed products, home wares and accessories here…

Let me know how you like to create your art? Do you like using computers in your art? What part do they play in your art?

Do you think that digitally created art is ‘real art’? Let me know in the comments right below the post… 

Want to know when new prints and artworks are available in my online store? Sign up to my email newsletter below to find out...

New Greyhound Fabrics - Greyhound Camo

For you fans of one of my earliest fabrics, my 'Double Greyhounds' fabric, I've been creating a new version of the design, 'Greyhound Camo'.

Take a look below... click on the images to see them larger

Spoonflower fabrics

These fabrics are now available on Spoonflower - click here to see them

EDIT: 20 April 2016 - now also available on Wovenmonkey

Selected colours are also now available on Wovenmonkey in the UK - see fabric samples below - please click on the images to see them full sized.

Wovenmonkey fabrics

Click here to see them on Wovenmonkey

EDIT: 31st August 2016

These patterns and designs are now also available on clothing, accessories, and homewares in my Redbubble store - take a look here, and once in the store, click on an image to see all the products available in that design.

Tropical Design Trend - Behind the Scenes

I've been working to design for future print and pattern trends coming in Spring-Summer 2017 - and I've been looking at brilliantly coloured tropical trends with the design community at 'Pattern Observer'

I'm going to take you behind the scenes, just a little bit, and show you how some of these designs came about...

Tropical Jungle collection by Lotti Brown - click on the image to see a larger version

I decided to create a small tropical collection, 'Tropical Jungle', for the theme, with my motifs centred around some fantastically colourful orchids I have at home...

Gorgeous orchids were one of the main inspirations to this collection

I drew these many times from every different angle, and drawing both the individual blooms, and whole stems, and separate leaves and foliage to create enough motifs for the collection...

I also wanted some birds in my jungle, so drew some tropical-looking birds from artist source-books, so that I could also add these into the design...

Bird and flower drawings for my tropical collection

Although the colours you see here usually don't end up in the final design, I like to colour my drawings as this gives depth and texture to the design, and often creates the starting point for my colour palette, too.

How some of my orchid drawings developed into the completed pattern

In the image above, you can see how my drawings are scanned into the computer, in colour, then arranged about the screen, using Adobe Illustrator, to create the pattern.

You can see how the original colours (left) were enhanced to become the very vibrant hues in the later part of the design process (right)...

Individual colours, and the whole colour palette, can be tweaked many times until I'm happy with the effect.

I built out the collection with drawings of peace-lilies, and  the foliage of the 'lipstick plant', (both of which I have as houseplants at home) to create a collection of patterns that I felt continued the theme but gave a bit of variety too.

So here are the finished designs - click on the images below to see them larger...

And to see the detail...

Detail from the main Tropical Birds pattern

EDIT - September 2016

These designs are now available exclusively through Lemon Head Prints - please do get in touch with them if you'd like this design printed on fabric or wallpaper, or have any other ideas about how you would like to use this design.

New Geranium Designs

I just wanted to show you my new geranium design...

This is a pretty geranium with ornamental leaves, and wonderful delicate flowers, balanced on long, graceful stems. It sits on my studio windowsill, bringing me a little reminder of summer...

Red-leaved geraniums design

I drew out all the leaves and flowers, individually, with pen on paper, then hand coloured in ink, before taking it into Adobe Illustrator to play about with it, and create the finished design...

Do you remember these leaves I was drawing several weeks ago..?

Some of my geranium leaf drawings, the ones that ended up in this design are the bright red ones, seen slightly beneath the pile of drawings in the large image.

Well, this is how they ended up...

You can find this geranium artwork design in my art store plus at my additional stockists including in my Redbubble store and Displate store.

Pattern Updates

I just wanted to share a few of the recent happenings here at Lotti Brown Designs - there's currently lots of behind-the-scenes work going on, as I work to bring my patterns to more products and places...

I've found time this week to finish off a few drawings, and have been scanning a whole stack of artwork into the computer, ready to start designing with, soon...

Lovely autumn golds, greens and browns in all my drawings at the moment...

I've also been admiring these beautiful placemats and coasters, in my 'Fantasy Fall Flowers' design, which are available from my Zippi store (international delivery from UK)

Gift idea - 'Fantasy Fall Flowers' placemats and coasters by Lotti Brown Designs (available at Zippi)

And with Christmas only a couple of months away now (...yes, I know!!) I've been busy working with some seasonal designs, which I'm sure you will be seeing more of in the coming weeks...

I have a few days off next week, so I'm hoping for some sunny weather to enjoy some proper relaxation (no DIY this time!) and to perhaps get out and about a few places for some seasonal inspiration, too... :)

New Patterns Added Today

I've just added some new patterns to my 'Summer in my Garden' collection today, inspired by some colours of the season, and a cottage garden or meadow feel - here are just a few...

You can now find these designs at my additional stockists as fabrics, wallpapers, homewares, fashion and accessories.

New Designs Added to my Portfolio

I've just been busy refreshing my portfolio, and I've added lots of the new designs that I worked on during my Ultimate Portfolio Builder surface pattern design course this summer...

My style and technique have developed considerably during the course, and I've fallen back in love with colours!

I'm really excited to show you my new designs...

Click on the images below to see them larger

Take a look in my store and you will see some of these as fine art prints.

You can also find many of these designs on fabrics, wallpapers, fashion and homewares at my additional stockists.