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Floral Greyhounds Art 'Rosie and Abi'

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Beautiful, vibrant, floral greyhound art work... makes a fantastic and colourful gift idea for a greyhound lover who likes colour

Beautiful, colourful greyhounds art 'Floral Greyhound Girlies: Rosie and Abi' by Lotti Brown

Beautiful, colourful greyhounds art 'Floral Greyhound Girlies: Rosie and Abi' by Lotti Brown

Take a behind the scenes look at the greyhound art...

I created this greyhound artwork for a friend of mine, Sally, of her two dogs, Rosie (a fawn greyhound) and Abi (the black one).

This is a special artwork for me, as Sally’s dogs are very much part of her identity. And they are very much a part of our friendship, too, as we got to know one another through our shared love for and experiences of greyhound ownership, talking about our dogs. 

I feel like I know Rosie and Abi well, and I know how special her greyhounds are to Sally, too.

'Abi' by SweetSal Sally J Hunter

'Abi' by SweetSal Sally J Hunter

Typical greyhounds, Rosie and Abi are gentle souls, dignified and beautiful. Abi was quiet, with a silly streak and a skip in her step, while Rosie has always been top dog in the houndie-household. 

Together, Rosie and Abi made a tight-knit duo, as close as sisters – light and dark, yin and yang. They definitely needed to appear as a partnership in this artwork.

I was lucky enough to have some very beautiful photos to work from for my greyhound artwork, as Sally is a really talented photographer and especially loves to take photos of her dogs. (Great photos make a huge difference!)

I also know that Sally loves to take photos of flowers (as well as dogs) and has lots of pretty flowers in her garden, so I surrounded her dogs with beautiful blooms.

Saying it with Flowers

I chose a beautiful yellow dahlia, ‘Sunlady’, bright like sunshine, that is a particularly special flower for Sally, reminding her of Abi, sunbathing in the sunshine outside, at every opportunity. The dahlia also means ‘dignity’ in the Language of Flowers, and I can think of no other greyhound who that suits better than pretty and dainty Abi.

A pink rose means ‘friendship’ which I thought was perfect to symbolise both the close friendship between the two greyhounds, and also for my friendship with Sally.

I chose particular colours for the background of the artwork, too - a rich red, blending up to a velvety violet. Sally has always chosen collars and harnesses in red for Rosie and purple for Abi, so these colours are especially associated with the dogs and suit their colourings so well.

Creating my Greyhound Art Work

See how my floral greyhound artwork developed from my pen and ink drawings, scanned into the computer, and then all put together in Adobe Illustrator...

Click on any of the images for a larger version and more details...

'Floral Greyhound Girlies' the completed greyhounds artwork

'Floral Greyhound Girlies' the completed greyhounds artwork

I love the really vibrant colours in this artwork – full of the energy, happiness, and friendships that dogs bring into our lives. I think it’s a really bright and striking colour palette, that I hope will make Sally smile every time she sees it.

I was kind of nervous of doing this artwork, as I know how special Rosie and Abi are to Sally – but it was an artwork I was really excited to do too. I love the colour palette, and the two very beautiful expressions caught by Sally’s own photography, and the liveliness of the vibrant flowers...

Detail from the artwork

Detail from the artwork

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New Greyhound Collars Fabric Design

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My greyhounds fabric design, 'A Crush of Hounds', featuring intertwining greyhounds in 6 striking colour options is now available as gorgeous handmade greyhound collars from MeggieMoo.net

Yellow-Green greyhound collar design

Yellow-Green greyhound collar design

Vibrant orange and red greyhound collar

Vibrant orange and red greyhound collar

'Mirror Image' greyhound design

'Mirror Image' greyhound design

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New Greyhound Fabrics - Greyhound Camo

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For you fans of one of my earliest fabrics, my 'Double Greyhounds' fabric, I've been creating a new version of the design, 'Greyhound Camo'.

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EDIT: 20 April 2016 - now also available on Wovenmonkey

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EDIT: 31st August 2016

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New Greyhound Fabric as Collars

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I'm thrilled that my new greyhound fabric collection will soon be arriving on the MeggieMoo website, to be made into handmade dog collars...

My new greyhound fabric design, for MeggieMoo collars

My new greyhound fabric design, for MeggieMoo collars

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