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'Ferny Fox' Art - Behind the Scenes

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Colourful and fantastic 'Ferny Fox' art print by Lotti Brown - joyful and sun-filled woodland nature.

'Ferny Fox' art print by Lotti Brown

'Ferny Fox' art print by Lotti Brown

A foxy favourite! I love to spot a fox out in the fields - and it is less often than you would think. I wonder what goes on behind those wise and knowing eyes as our gaze meets for an instant before he turns and trots away.

One of my most cherished wildlife memories is of watching young foxes play, carefree, in the fields, not knowing we were watching. It was shortly after we'd moved out into the countryside and when we saw this wonderful sight, not half a mile from our house, we knew we'd come to live in the right place. A gift from nature!

Detail of fox artwork

Detail of fox artwork

Behind the Scenes of the Artwork

Is this a watchful parent? Or a hungry hunter? I'm not sure... but it's a wonderful glimpse of an intense and thoughtful moment for the fox that we can capture in that moment before he becomes aware of our presence. A chance just to see him alone in nature...

I put my fox in amongst some beautiful ferns so that he can watch from the safety of his hiding place.

I love the summer-filled yellows and fresh greens that seem to make his russet fur glow and shimmer in the light...

Here's how I created my fox artwork from my drawings and Adobe Illustrator computer software...

Click on an image to see it larger and find out more...

Final 'Ferny Fox' art print - colourful, intricate, and inspired by nature

Final 'Ferny Fox' art print - colourful, intricate, and inspired by nature

This is a personal favourite from my wildlife collection - gorgeous greens and yellows and that fabulous glowing fur - a moment of intensity... a moment in nature...

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