Make Your Art Meaningful

For me, drawing and making art is only fulfilling when it’s personal and has meaning…

Personal art takes its meaning from what’s important to you, personally… and it gives meaning to your life by allowing you a chance to process and explore those topics, ideas, feelings and sensations that have a special resonance just for you…

Wildlife and nature holds a special resonance for me in my own art…

Wildlife and nature holds a special resonance for me in my own art…

When you understand what your own personal artistic journey is all about, it helps you to create the work that’s most fulfilling and enjoyable to you, as you understand what you want to explore and where you want to focus your attentions…

So today, we’re looking at starting points for making your own art more meaningful and more fulfilling to you… click here to start understanding your own artistic journey…

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Let Me Take You By the Hand

When I create my art, I want to take you by the hand and show you all the little awesome things that I see in nature.

Sometimes we get too busy to see them, or too distracted by other things going on. One of the jobs of an artist is to see the little things that other people sometimes miss - and to share them with the world...

Detail from my Wren and Physalis artwork

Detail from my Wren and Physalis artwork

The act of creating art, for me, is just me saying:

"I saw this. It made me feel happy (or serene, or joyful, or intrigued).

I want to share it with you."

I anchor this emotion inside myself by re-creating it in art - the thing that inspired it, and the emotion itself, are both what I try to put into the artwork...

Now that that special feeling, that emotion, are in a tangible form, I can share this emotion with you - I can properly tell you about what I saw and how I felt - and share it all with you.

"I want to show you the awesomeness of nature - how I see it, how I feel it - I want you to see it too, share it with me, experience it right alongside me..."

I hope that you enjoy experiencing nature along with me and that it makes you as happy as it makes me... :)

Parakeet Paradise Pattern Collection

I've gone just a little bit tropical for this Parakeets artwork and accompanying surface pattern design collection: Parakeet Paradise.

Parakeet Paradise pattern collection by Lotti Brown

I wanted to create a dramatic and colourful collection with a tropical feel, perfect for summer style all year round!

I was inspired by some Crocosmia I drew from my own garden. A really easy plant to grow: hardy, and tolerates all kinds of neglect. But it looks so wonderfully tropical!

Tropical crocosmia drawings, from my own garden

I decided to put the flowers with some parakeets, for an exotic jungle feel.

Parakeet drawings

And also some begonia flowers and leaves, drawn from a beautiful houseplant I have in my home.

Tropical look from a common houseplant - begonia drawings

Once I had drawn and coloured the flowers and birds by hand, I scanned them into the computer, and started to create first an artwork...

Parakeet Paradise artwork by Lotti Brown

Then continuing to create matching patterns and designs to be used for fabrics and wallpapers.

You can see the final patterns below...

I really love the dark, dramatic backgrounds which set the bright colours off - tropical, but with year-round appeal.

Detail of my parakeets design

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Experiment with Pebeo Mixed Media Special Effects Paints

It's just been my birthday, and my husband got me some new paints to play with, so I thought I would share my first experiment with my new Pebeo Mixed Media Fantasy Prisme paint...

Playing with paints :)

The paints are in beautiful shimmering colours, and dry to create really interesting honeycomb shapes, which I hope I will be able to use to create textured interest and backgrounds in my surface pattern designs (you probably won't see them in such a direct form as this again by the time I've played around with them in my designs... but you never know!)

But anyway, this was my first experiment with the paints, all about having some fun and seeing how it all works...

If you want to have a go yourself, you'll need to clear a little bit of space, and work on a flat surface. 

The paints are thick, so I chose to work on a sturdy foam board, and put it into a wooden pebeo paint tray (which you could work directly onto) for ease of lifting and carrying whilst waiting for the paint to dry...

As they are multi-surface compatible, it is possible to work directly onto shiny/non-absorbent surfaces like my foam board, metals, glass or ceramics.

My first experiment with Pebeo Fantasy Prisme paints

I used Cerne Relief paste outliner to create little pools into which I could pool the paint (it's very liquid so needs containing somehow) - surprisingly hard to keep a steady hand (more practice required)!

Then used pipettes to drop the paint onto the surface - you use quite a lot of the paint, and it is quite strong-smelling...

As the pools of paint dry, shapes start to form...

It takes several hours before the paint is 'dry' (tacky to touch still)... and a whole three days before it's totally hard.

But the effects are stunning...

Fantasy Prisme special effect paint makes honeycomb shapes as it dries

And here (below) is the experiment, totally dry... I love it...

Experimental special effects and textures

I can't wait to have another play with my paints - try more colours, and having tried out several different techniques for mixing colours together in my initial experiment, I've got some ideas for which effects I like best, and which, perhaps, don't work so well.

Pebeo also do a 'Fantasy Moon' paint collection, which creates hammered and marbled special effects, as well as other mixed media paints (none of which I have tried... yet).

More paint play soon I hope, but next week I think the only paint will be emulsion - we have a week off planned, to pull out our existing kitchen, and fit a new one (retaining and repainting the cabinet doors), which will also contain a cubby-hole that's going to become my new home office - I'm currently under the stairs with my computer, but in my new space I'm going to have a window, which will make me very happy :)