Tabby Cat Art 'Tabby Afternoon in the Sun'

Tabby cat art - enjoy a purrfect afternoon relaxing in the sun in the company of a very special tabby kitty...

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'Tabby Afternoon in the Sun' tabby cat art by Lotti Brown

'Tabby Afternoon in the Sun' tabby cat art by Lotti Brown

Say hello to gentle Jeannie, a beautiful tabby cat luxuriating in the glorious sunshine of a cottage garden.

I love tabby cats. The pattern of their coats is so incredibly pretty, with the soft tiger stripes, broken up with dapples of colour. 

It is thought the word ‘tabby’ relates to the Old French word tabis (meaning a silk cloth), referring to the beautiful striped pattern of their coats, like watered silk, giving them a soft, luxurious fur with a distinctive pattern.

It’s a kind of camouflage effect, inherited from their wildcat ancestors, so that they can lurk amongst the undergrowth and stalk their tiny prey undetected.

I think it’s pretty effective for them, don’t you?

A Tabby Afternoon in the Sun - A Look Behind the Scenes

Cats seem to live for the warmth of sunshine. That’s why I wanted to wrap my beautiful tabby cat in sunshine and summer flowers.

Jeannie cat is surrounded by pencilled cranesbill flowers (Geranium versicolor) which mean ingenuity in the language of flowers. I think that ingenuity is one of the truly wonderful things about cats.

They’re curious, clever, observant and thoughtful – and if they want something, they can be tremendously single-minded about getting it. That’s where the ingenuity bit comes in!

I chose to fill my garden with vibrant summer colours - hot yellows, oranges and pinks, filled with the heat of the summer sun. 

Feel those balmy summer days – warmth on your skin, just the chirping of birds, a low, rumbling purr, the soft murmur of insects buzzing, and that sensation of utter relaxation as you unwind in your garden, a cuppa or a cocktail in your hand and the sun on your face. What bliss!

Tabby cat - detail of the artwork

Tabby cat - detail of the artwork

Creating my Tabby Cat Art

I created my tabby cat art from a series of separate drawings that I scanned into Adobe Illustrator and put together into one single artwork. 

Here's how it happened... click on the images below to get the full story...

The completed tabby cat artwork - sunshine and happiness!

The completed tabby cat artwork - sunshine and happiness!

It’s a pretty nice sort of day to spend some quality time with the kitty – a soft bed of sweetly-scented flowers, the smell of sunshine in her fur, and a whole cast of little birds to watch sleepily out the corner of her eye.

Too lazy to move far, today, though. Just enjoy the warmth of the day, together.

I love my pretty tabby cat art – following the patterns in kitty’s soft coat, getting lost in the depths of that gentle look in her sea-green eyes.

And I love how she’s wrapped in summer, here – the vibrant colours echoing with sunshine, and bringing that longed-for, lazy days of summer feel to the artwork...

Relax and unwind. Oh, yes!

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