'Summer Hare' Art - Behind the Scenes

Colourful, fresh and contemporary hare art print by Lotti Brown - one of nature's wonders!

Summer Hare art print by Lotti Brown

Summer Hare art print by Lotti Brown

The hare is one of my favourite wild animals - such a beautiful and sensitive creature with such speed.

I am lucky enough to see them quite often in spring and summer, sprinting across the vast expanses of grassy fields near where I live and once - so exciting - two brown hares boxing together, rolling over and over together.

It's always a little thrill - and such a brief sighting before they're gone.

I've been lucky enough to regularly see a family of hares in the early mornings while walking my previous dog - I once counted seven at once which I thought was amazing.

In this artwork, I wanted to capture the elegance and daintiness of the hare and try to catch a glimpse at the soul behind those beautiful and very private eyes before he takes off at speed into the meadow...

Detail from the hare print

Detail from the hare print

I surrounded my beautiful summer hare with sunshine and a lush green meadow - just how I always picture a hare in my mind.

The Artistic Process

Here's how I created the artwork from my drawings and with Adobe Illustrator on the computer...

Please click on the images below to make them larger and to read more about the process...

The final hare artwork - colourful and contemporary - fresh and green

The final hare artwork - colourful and contemporary - fresh and green

I love the fresh feeling of nature and the feeling of freedom, strength and energy that the beautiful hare must feel stretching out his legs and sprinting across the countryside at speed. Beautiful!

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