Sweet Sheltie Art 'Chloe in a Shetland Meadow'

Sweet Sheltie art full of colour and happiness. This unique art makes the perfect gift for a Sheltie lover...

Sheltie art by Lotti Brown

Sheltie art by Lotti Brown

This artwork is of a beautiful Sheltie, Chloe.

I’m a little bit biased over looks, of course, due to the unmistakable similarities in appearance between the sweet little Shetland Sheepdog and my own ‘adopted’ breed, rough collie.

If you actually saw the two breeds together, though, you would quickly spot the size difference, as the sheltie is just a fraction of the size of a full-grown rough collie.

Shelties aren’t just small rough collies.

They have their own breed heritage – evolved from Scandinavian herding dogs brought to the Shetlands as working herding dogs in the 18th Century and crossed with smaller breeds, such as spaniels and Pomeranians. There is rough collie heritage in the mix too, though.

Understandably, tourists to the Shetlands fell in love with these sweet little dogs and their popularity began to spread...

Shelties have their own breed personality, too – sweet, sensitive, and very loving and companionable with their family. They are clever, playful, and talkative, and they need lots of mental as well as physical exercise.

I wanted my sheltie art to show this lively, playful side, so I filled the artwork with bright colours and lots of energy. 

Artwork detail showing Sheltie fur and flowers

Artwork detail showing Sheltie fur and flowers

Creating my Sheltie Art - Behind the Scenes

I wanted to place my sheltie in amongst a Shetland meadow setting, to pay homage to the beautiful islands of Shetland that are her heritage – and somewhere I, myself, long to visit one day. So I researched flowers and grasses that might be found in a Shetland meadow or grassland and filled my artwork with:

  • Milkwort

  • Sweet Vernal Grass

  • Cotton Grass

  • Meadow Buttercup

Come behind the scenes with me and take a look at how I created my Shetland Sheepdog art using a combination of traditional drawing techniques and digital processes...

Click on an image to see the large version and read further description and explanation...

The completed colourful sheltie artwork

The completed colourful sheltie artwork

You can’t fail to be won over by Chloe’s sweet smile and joyful expression.

I really love the way my sheltie’s face just seems to explode from the artwork, her eyes fixed on you and her gorgeous fur flying all over the place, filled with light and movement. I am always transfixed by the way that sheltie (or rough collie) fur catches the sunlight and seems to shimmer.

I love the way the air seems to ‘buzz’ around the flowers and grasses – full of life and the energy of nature.

This may well be my new favourite artwork, actually!

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