Rough Collie Art Print - Sun-Shimmer Collie with Geraniums

Beautiful and colourful rough collie art print 'Sun-Shimmer Collie with Geraniums' - this fine art print would make an ideal rough collie lover gift. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, and special anniversaries for family and friends who love this amazing dog breed.

Rough collie art print 'Sun-Shimmer Collie with Geraniums'

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Behind the Scenes of the Art

This is a pet portrait of my own gorgeous rough collie, Noah. He's just turned four years old, now, but this photo was taken a few months ago when we were having a lovely family holiday in sunny Scotland.

Rough collie - sunny day on the beach

It's a lovely photo for a pet portrait - well lit, detailed and clear - and our collie, Noah, has such a wonderful, happy expression because he's doing the thing he likes doing best in the whole world: exploring new places with his family.

It also conjures up really happy memories for me, of us all, on holiday, having an unexpected sunny day (after a few days of pouring rain) and enjoying it on one of our favourite beaches, all together. And that's precisely what I want to feel when I look at Noah's portrait...

Family beach day with the dog

I decided to make Noah's new pet portrait of this day - a day filled with happiness and sunshine, when Noah was my 'sun-shimmer collie' all pale gold and beautiful with sunshine shimmering off his fur (he already has a portrait here from when he was younger - my style was quite different then!).

I decided to make Noah's portrait with the flower that is the sunshine flower for me, that really evokes the hot sunshine and all the garden smells of summer - red geraniums! The flowers are beautiful, but it's the leaves that are really stunning with amazing patterns and that distinctive scent that brings back vivid images of childhood summers spent in greenhouse and garden.

I like the kind of nostalgic colour that I created in the artwork, too - with Noah's rough collie art print having a retro feel that reminds me of the colouring in childhood photos and really brings back to me those emotions of childhood summers and brings alive the sensation of family for me.

Detail from my rough collie art print

Here's how I created the rough collie art print...

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My beautiful rough collie art print - Noah's fur is touched with sunlight and he is having the most amazing adventure in the summer geraniums!

Noah is my own dog so this artwork, of course, holds a very special place for me - he's my own family, so this artwork is completely filled with joy, sunshine and loving feelings of family for me...

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