Sweet Rough Collie Art 'Noah with Blue Flowers'

Sweetness of a young doggy-friend – rough collie art of my pet 'puppy', Noah.

Makes a wonderful gift idea for a special rough collie owner - or treat yourself to something really meaningful to celebrate your connection with your own rough collie best friend.

Rough collie art 'Noah with Blue Flowers' by Lotti Brown

Rough collie art 'Noah with Blue Flowers' by Lotti Brown

This is an artwork of my rough collie, Noah. Noah came to us at 7 months old, in 2014.

He fills our home and our world with his sweet and curious personality – and his giant, thick, fluffy coat.

It’s like having an enormous, soft and soppy teddy bear living with us.

Cheeky rough collie on his seaside holidays

Cheeky rough collie on his seaside holidays

At the age of 2, when I completed this artwork, Noah is part-way between a puppy and a grown-up dog.

He is still quite puppy-ish in his head, and sometimes in his play, but growing up quickly.

He has these quiet, solemn moments where he sits, observing, taking everything in and having a good old think about it all.

Rough collies are really beautiful dogs – truly magnificent – so I wanted to show Noah in a pose that made the most of his impressive, soft, fluffy coat, and the way his soft mane swirls beautifully around his shoulders.

And I also wanted to capture the quiet, thoughtful dog that he’s growing into.

Truly majestic, but he’s still definitely got a cheeky glint in his eye, though.

Detail of rough collie artwork

Detail of rough collie artwork

My Sweet Puppy Love

Although my sensible head knows that at this age, Noah is no longer a puppy, and ‘should’ be considered an adult dog, in my heart, he’s still my puppy, and I have to admit to calling him ‘my puppy’ still, particularly when he’s being sweet and cuddly.

I chose to surround my ‘puppy’ with these sweet, little, blue flowers, as they signify, for me, a kind of innocence and sweetness that I feel is in his nature. Like most rough collies, Noah does tend to a sweet-natured, thoughtful, and kindly temperament.

The flowers are drawn from a coreopsis flower, meaning ‘always cheerful’, and that’s what I want for my sweet Noah – to be always surrounded by love and happiness with his family – innocence and loveliness filling his world, just like these little blue flowers dance around him in this artwork.

Creating my Rough Collie Art

  • I start my pieces with hand-drawn artwork

  • I scan them into the computer and import them into the Adobe Illustration programme

  • I create my composition

  • I tweak the colours

  • I add background interest

Take a look how my rough collie art developed. Please click on the pictures for a larger image and more detail.

My completed rough collie artwork

My completed rough collie artwork

When I look at this picture, I feel a protective love for my dog.

Meeting his eye, I feel that we share an incredibly strong bond of love and protection, and I want my puppy to feel safe and happy.

I love his sweetness, his cheekiness, and his thoughtful, quiet moments, and it's those I see in this artwork.

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