Pretty Pug Art 'Pug in Peonies'

Colourful pug art print - celebrating the sweetness of a pretty little pooch...

Makes a delightful and really unusual gift for a pug lover!

Pug art 'Pug in Peonies' by Lotti Brown

Pug art 'Pug in Peonies' by Lotti Brown

This is an artwork of a pretty little pug, Lizzy. She’s a charming, happy-go-lucky little thing, delighted just to be with you.

Pugs are cute little dogs with a curiously sweet face. They have the hugest, most beautiful, innocent eyes, giving them an expressive baby-face that means they can totally get away with all the funny, clownish antics they enjoy so much.

I love their funny faces: the unusual swirls of skin, like overgrown wrinkles, making it appear as if they’ve screwed up the soft fur on their cheeky little faces into a tiny tantrum. Perhaps, that’s how they got the name pug, originally meaning goblin or small monkey, apparently.

But they’re so loving sweet-natured and charming at the same time, polite, easy-going, and a joy to have around the house. In fact, in the past, pugs were a highly valued companion, favoured by royalty including Chinese emperors of the Shang dynasty and Queen Victoria. Pugs were celebrated with portraits and statues, so it seems very apt for me to be celebrating the sweetness of the pug with this pug art, too.

Detail of pug artwork

Detail of pug artwork

Creating the Prettiest Pug Art

I wanted to celebrate the affectionate, loving nature of this dog, and her sweetness and childlike, innocent expression. I chose to do this by including beautiful, big, red peonies in her portrait. The Language of Flowers says that these are a symbol of devotion, so I thought they perfectly suit her loving nature and the way she’s so devoted to her family.

I love the way, too, that the swirls of the peony’s petals echo the amazing curves and swirls in her fur. I paired the peonies with little Gypsophila flowers, also called ‘Baby’s Breath’, which means innocence and a childlike nature – perfect for our quirky little pug.

  • I create my art by drawing out the dog, and all the flowers separately, with pens on paper...

  • Then, I scan all the drawings into the computer

  • Once they've been imported into my illustration software programme, I put them all together onto one digital 'canvas'

  • I start to arrange them into a composition

  • And play about with colours to make it 'pop'

Take a look, below - you can click on the images to see them larger, with a more detailed description...

The completed 'Pug in Peonies' artwork

The completed 'Pug in Peonies' artwork

I chose the rich, royal blue background to signify her calm, dignified nature, and also her history as a royal favourite.

I really like Lizzy’s special pug art. I adore the sweet, loving expression in her wide eyes, and her funny, crinkled face, surrounded by the extravagance of the gorgeous, peony blooms.

She’s full of adoration for her family and is happy just to be with you!

Rich, classic colours and sublime swirls – a quirky artwork brim full of sweetness and beauty..

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