Learn to Draw with Pens

Today, I’m taking a look at starting to draw with an artist’s pen - we’ll cover:

  • choosing the right artist pen for you

  • understanding the different types of pen nibs

  • different styles of drawing

  • how drawing in pen differs from drawing in pencil

  • making the most of pen for your personal artistic style

  • other drawing mediums you might want to use alongside pens

If you’d like to start drawing in pens, or improve your pen drawing techniques, do take a look at this new article - how to draw with pens…

Learn all about drawing with pens

Learn all about drawing with pens

This is part of my free drawing resource on this website to help you enjoy drawing as part of a fulfilling creative life - you can get started and see what you’ve missed here…

I’ve also got help for choosing different drawing mediums that you might like to get started with or experiment with here…