Jackdaw Art - Behind the Scenes

Colourful jackdaw art print - ‘Forever Jackdaws’ by Lotti Brown.

Beautiful bird art all about forever love!

Forever Jackdaws art by Lotti Brown

Forever Jackdaws art by Lotti Brown

I wanted to create a beautiful jackdaws artwork as I feel like jackdaws are one of my special birds.

They are one of the birds I grew up with as our family garden, when I was a child, backed onto an abandoned old-school building with broken roof slates. The building was home to a whole community of jackdaws and the garden was always filled with the rich cawing and ‘chack’-ing sounds of their calls.

They are smart-looking birds with their dark bodies and shiny silver heads… and oh, that sapphire-blue eye that meets your own as if it can see right into your soul.

Did you know that jackdaws mate for life? That’s why I’ve called this cheeky jackdaw couple ‘Forever Jackdaws’…

It’s said that sighting a jackdaw at the time of a wedding or relationship commitment is a positive omen for a lifetime of love!

Detail from ‘Forever Jackdaws’ artwork by Lotti Brown

Detail from ‘Forever Jackdaws’ artwork by Lotti Brown

We’ve been lucky enough to have jackdaws nesting near our home for the last few years (…not so lucky the year that they actually nested in our chimney and we couldn’t light the fire!). I enjoy seeing and hearing them busy about their day and our dog loves to sit in the drive and watch them, too.

Jackdaws are very clever and enjoy ‘talking’ to and befriending humans and seem to be able to correctly interpret human intention by understanding the human’s direction of gaze.

One of my favourite Celtic jackdaw tales is about the jackdaws of Munster. It is said that a family of jackdaws sought refuge from the bullying of rooks and ravens in the town of Kilgarvan in Ireland. The king, at first, refused the jackdaws request…

But the jackdaws found an enchanted ring that protected the province of Munster from attack by the mythical Fomorians. In gratitude, the king permitted the jackdaws safe citizenship.

I love this tale and I wanted to embrace a Celtic feel in this artwork so I included intertwining ivy and wild rose as the border.

  • Ivy is evergreen and symbolises the everlasting nature of a lifelong love. Ivy is a resilient plant and is able to withstand hard times, just like a strong, long-lasting relationship.

  • Rose expresses the beauty of nature and the tenderness of love.

Behind the Scenes

Here’s how I created my jackdaws art digitally from my pen and marker drawings…

Please click on the images below to get more details…

The completed jackdaws art created digitally from my drawings…

Richly-coloured, Celtic-inspired jackdaw art ‘Forever Jackdaws’

Richly-coloured, Celtic-inspired jackdaw art ‘Forever Jackdaws’

I love the bold jackdaws and the way there seems to be the interplay of a conversation between the pair…

And I love the very intricate layered design, like a rich embroidery of nature surrounding the birds, encircled by the pretty border of ivy and wild rose… all sweetness, love, nature… and jackdaws!

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