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Great Dane Art - Behind the Scenes

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Colourful great dane art print with flowers...

Great Dane artwork by Lotti Brown

Great Dane artwork by Lotti Brown

I loved creating my gorgeous Great Dane art - remarkable dogs - so large and impressive, yet they're real gentle giants.

In our village we used to see the Great Dane, Daisy, running alongside her owner's bicycle - I'll tell you, it was quite a sight!

I wanted my artwork to show the beauty and mild-mannered nature of this huge hound. Slightly intimidating through sheer size, but every Great Dane I've ever met has been essentially friendly and gentle.

Detail of the artwork

Detail of the artwork

So I wanted to include warm colours and pretty flowers to show the unexpected, softer side of this dog...

Behind the Scenes of my Great Dane Art

I create my art digitally from drawings. Here's how the process went...

Click on the images for a closer look and with more details...

The completed Great Dane pet portrait

The completed Great Dane pet portrait

The completed artwork is filled with warmth and friendliness - perfect for this over-sized charmer!

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