Gray Langur Monkey Art - Behind the Scenes

Portrait of a Gray Langur monkey - contemporary wildlife art by Lotti Brown

Gray Langur art by Lotti Brown

Gray Langur art by Lotti Brown

This piece of wildlife art was inspired by a beautiful photo of a Gray Langur monkey. It’s such a wonderful and compelling animal portrait that I immediately wanted to make an artwork from it and was able to license the original photo to do so.

This is a Gray Langur monkey, also known as a Hanuman Langur, Indian Langur, or Sacred Langur. It’s an Old World monkey that’s widespread across the Indian subcontinent including: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Nepal, and the Himalayas.

These monkeys live in all kinds of habitats, from woodlands and forests, rainforests, deserts, mountains, cities, and even in temples. They eat all kinds of foods including leaves, pine needles, pine cones, mosses, ferns, lichens, and bamboo foliage, so I was pretty much able to team my little Langur monkey up with the background of my choice…

Showing detail from the Gray Langur artwork

Showing detail from the Gray Langur artwork

I chose to give him a background of bamboo as I have some in the garden that I can draw from life and I thought I could make very simple line drawings of the bamboo.

I wanted to make this a very simple artwork, with the focus on the Gray Langur monkey in the way of a portrait so that his facial expression was important… what is he thinking?

So I decided to keep the tones and colours very soft and neutral, to complement the beautiful grays in the monkey’s fur, and also to reflect the soft, contemplative gaze of this little animal.

Here’s how I created my Gray Langur portrait from my pen and marker drawings, scanned in and given the digital treatment in Adobe Illustrator…

Behind the Scenes

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Soft colours and an expressive portrait with personality - Gray Langur artwork

Soft colours and an expressive portrait with personality - Gray Langur artwork

So here is my completed Gray Langur artwork. The soft colours and simple background put the focus on the monkey and pull attention to his expressive face to make this a portrait full of thoughtful contemplation. He seems almost human, don’t you think?

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