German Shepherd Dog Art 'Lyla: A Picture of Devotion'

German Shepherd Art - a portrait of a dog who's courageous, devoted, and loving...

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'A Picture of Devotion' German Shepherd art by Lotti Brown

'A Picture of Devotion' German Shepherd art by Lotti Brown

This is an artwork of a beautiful German Shepherd dog, Lyla – keen, alert, and devoted to her owner.

I loved creating this piece. It was a privilege to take a look behind the preconceptions of the German Shepherd dog as a fierce, guarding dog to celebrate her intelligence, obedience, and loyalty to her owner.

Although, obviously, there is very valuable use of German Shepherd dogs in guarding duties, there’s so much more to the breed.

Her intelligence, courage, and confidence are just some of the qualities that make her a natural guarder. But that’s not to overlook her alert demeanour, making her eager to learn and to work, nor her fearless devotion to her owner.

Artwork detail showing German Shepherd fur and flowers

Artwork detail showing German Shepherd fur and flowers

A Portrait of Devotion - Creating my German Shepherd Art

Lyla, here, is such a truly beautiful dog, with her thick, wavy fur, alive with colours, and her keen, lively eyes.

In this artwork, I want to emphasise her loving loyalty, as a companion and friend to her owner; her keen intelligence, which makes her such a pleasure to be around; and her immense courage and confidence.

I chose to surround Lyla with these splendid, purple-blue Monkshood flowers (Aconitum). These flowers have a very special meaning in the Language of Flowers, signifying chivalry and the bravery and devotion of the medieval knight-errant.

I think this is a really lovely meaning for a German Shepherd dog, pointing in particular to her courage and protective nature, as well as her devotion to her own family.

  • I created my artwork from pen and ink drawings, dog and flowers all drawn out separately.

  • I scan the drawings into the computer and import them into my illustration programme.

  • I play about with composition and colour to create the final piece, adding layers of interest to create a sense of depth.

Take a look at how I created Lyla's German Shepherd art, below. Just click on the images below for more detail...

The completed colourful German shepherd artwork

The completed colourful German shepherd artwork

I just love the fiery orange background I’ve chosen for Lyla’s artwork. The colour signifies her energy and her passion for her work, the tasks she’s so keen to learn to do.

It’s a very particular orange that I took some time to choose, with a slight coral-pink tone to it, showing a little of her soft, family side, devoted and loving with her special people.

I love this piece as I think Lyla shows such alert intelligence in those sparkling eyes, but also a certain softness, and loving nature too, a special connection with those she trusts and calls family.

Lots of lovely detail, vibrant colours and a hugely powerful energy.

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