Contemporary Dachshund Art 'Daisy Dachsie and the Sunflowers'

Colourful dachshund art - lively and charming little Daisy Dachsie...

Makes a fun and fantastic gift idea for a special dachshund owner, or just to treat yourself.

Dachshund art 'Daisy Dachsie and the Sunflowers' by Lotti Brown

Dachshund art 'Daisy Dachsie and the Sunflowers' by Lotti Brown

This is an artwork of a charming little dachshund, Daisy, surrounded by colourful and joyous sunflowers.

I’ve always been fascinated by lively little dachshunds – such a very unusual shape for a dog – when you watch them move, they seem to slip and flow, undulating like an otter in water as they wriggle.

All dachshund varieties have something special about them, but the black and tan short-haired dachshund just seems to shine and shimmer in the light, with a whole host of beautiful colours reflecting in her fur.

Detail of the artwork

Detail of the artwork

Creating my Dachshund Art

In this artwork, I wanted to show how the personality of this clever, brave, and proud little dog is so much bigger than her tiny size – as tall as a sunflower, flamboyant, and colourful.

That’s why I think my beautiful little Daisy Dachsie looks right at home amongst these splendid sunflowers – a proud, charming little dog, bright and so full of energy – an oversized personality compared to her stature.

  • I started my artwork with a pen and ink drawing of the dog

  • And drew the sunflowers separately

  • Once scanned into the computer, I imported them into Adobe Illustrator

  • And played around with layout and colour to create the artwork

  • Adding background layers to add interest and depth to the final piece

You can see how my dachsie artwork developed below - please click on the images to see them at a larger size...

The completed colourful dachshund and sunflowers artwork

The completed colourful dachshund and sunflowers artwork

Adorable Art

In the language of flowers, sunflowers signify pride, and also adoration. Adoration is one thing that this cheeky little dog won’t go short of. She’ll adore you and long to be your constant companion, and in turn, you’ll adore her fun-loving temperament right back.

I love this piece as it’s filled with so much joy, energy and colour.

I love the glint in Daisy’s eye. She looks alert, curious, and ready to explore.

The beautiful colours glinting in her dark fur make me feel like the sun is shining down. We’re out in the garden and ready to play...

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