Beautiful Border Collie Art 'Cardinal Collie'

Beautiful border collie art - a colourful and lively artwork, overflowing with the energy and fun of the border collie...

Fun gift idea for a border collie owner who adores their best doggie friend - or just to celebrate your own furry friendship

Beautiful Border collie art 'Cardinal Collie' by Lotti Brown

Beautiful Border collie art 'Cardinal Collie' by Lotti Brown

Come behind the scenes of the artwork with me...

Say hello to this pretty little border collie called Bracken...

I named this artwork after my granny’s dog, Bracken, as there’s something about her pretty face that reminds me of the original Bracken, even though her colouring isn’t quite the same. But it meant that I just had to draw her.

Bracken was well before my time because she was my granny’s collie when she was young, but my granny gave me her photo of her beloved dog when I was a little girl. I loved this photo, pinned it up by my bed, and used to pretend that Bracken was my dog.

We couldn’t have a dog or cat when we were children because of my brother’s allergies. So, to an imaginative child, Bracken was a great - if not wholly satisfactory - substitute.

So it’s in honour of my granny and her dog, Bracken, that I’ve created this pet portrait.

Detail from the collie artwork

Detail from the collie artwork

Border collies are wonderful dogs – highly intelligent, eager to please, full of energy, sensitive, and a faithful and firm companion.

They need a job to do, and, just like my own (rough) collie at home, are apt to find their own mischief to get into if you’re not giving them some more worthy task to fulfil.

Unlike my rough collie, though, they are highly active and energetic, so that enormous physical energy needs to be run off, too.

In reward, though, you will have a keen, devoted and clever companion who works and plays with equal enthusiasm.

Creating my Border Collie Art

I chose to put beautiful Bracken with Cardinal Flowers (Lobelia cardinalis), red lobelias, which signifies energy in the Language of Flowers. I was also originally intending to include Ragged Robin (Meadow Lychnis) in the artwork – signifying her wit – but in the end, this didn’t make it to the final cut for compositional reasons, as you'll see below.

Follow along with my creative process, below, to see how I created my border collie artwork with original pen and ink drawings and the computer...

Just click on the images for all the details...

'Cardinal Collie' the completed border collie artwork

'Cardinal Collie' the completed border collie artwork

Lively and Lovely Fun

Bracken is such a pretty border collie, with a gentle expression, but it’s an expression that’s full of lively fun, too, and it was this that I wanted to focus on bringing to life in the artwork.

I made sure that I used bright colours to show her lively energy, and I couldn’t help but reach for this lovely sunshine yellow that’s a real favourite of mine.

Bracken looks like she’s in a field of flowers, running, playing, having fun. The whole picture is filled with movement, from the swirls of her beautiful fur to the swaying flowers. And that really tells you what Bracken’s about – liveliness, fun, energy, I wanted to capture it all.

But if you stop and meet her eyes, you can see into her soul, see her sweet nature, her devotion, and her intelligence.

Bracken is a special dog – your faithful friend, a bond of love.

 I love this artwork because it tastes of freedom - a carefree summer day, enjoying the fields and flowers, just you and your dog.

The vibrant colours and lively linework give a real energy and movement to the piece, making Bracken seem, almost, to come alive - poised, ready to run and jump, intelligent, curious, focused and fun...

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