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Beautiful Bluetits Art - Behind the Scenes

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A behind the scenes look at my beautiful bluetits artwork, part of my local nature series, connecting with nature found in gardens, fields and hedgerows close to home…

Bluetits are such colourful and sweet little birds, it’s easy to believe they must be everyone’s favourite… but do you remember the days when they used to peck through milk bottle tops on the doorsteps, to drink people’s cream?

Not so popular with absolutely everyone then, perhaps… but still pretty sweet, and very intelligent.

Beautiful Bluetits artwork, by Lotti Brown

These days bluetits are much less cheeky (or perhaps just having less opportunity), but as they are one of the most innovative little birds, they’re great to watch at bird-feeders, as they perform their Olympic-standard acrobatics…

They are actually one of the most common garden birds. So there’s a good chance of seeing them, particularly if you have a hanging bird feeder in your garden.

I love to watch them in the garden, as their wonderfully bright flashes of colour catch the eye… 

In this artwork, I’ve actually drawn the flowers and foliage from the garden, where the birds like to perch, and explore the branches for food and nesting material…

Drawing flowers and foliage from the garden

Springtime Kerria flowers, and fat red rosehips, left over from winter-time – plenty to attract the bluetits who find it easy to hang around and look for insects and tiny seeds.

Drawing rosehips for the artwork

It’s important to leave hips, haws and seedheads in your garden over winter and into spring – they provide food and shelter for birds, animals and insects over winter, and help to encourage more wildlife into your garden, as well as helping your garden to keep looking attractive in the barren months.

Bluetits, drawings in progress...

I drew each bird and each piece of foliage and flower separately.

Kerria flowers, my drawings

Bluetits drawings, coloured with ink

Then came scanning them into the computer, and putting them into Adobe Illustrator to create a vectorised (digital) version of each drawing.

Then I get to create the main composition on the computer…

Bluetits work in progress, on screen

Before tweaking the colours…

Bluetits work in progress, on screen

And adding extra background layers to add interest and a sense of depth…

I wanted to create a dramatic colour palette, to emphasise the very striking colouring of these lovely little birds.

Gradually building up the complete bluetits artwork

I also deliberately chose to include autumn and springtime flowers in the picture – partly because it’s what was in my garden, but also to show how the seasons flow gradually one into the other. In spring there’s still a bit of winter, but in winter there are also often foretastes of spring too.

This is one of my personal favourites of the artworks I've done recently, and I think it captures the sweetness and cheekiness of these iconic British birds really well...

British birds artwork by Lotti Brown - Beautiful Bluetits

Detail from the artwork.

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