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'Badger Woodland Walk' Artwork - Taking a Look Behind the Scenes

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Charming and colourful woodland badger artwork - 'Badger Woodland Walk' - a beautiful badger on his forest stroll between ferns and toadstools - a magical scene...

'Badger Woodland Walk' art by Lotti Brown

'Badger Woodland Walk' art by Lotti Brown

When I was a child,I often used to watch badgers playing in a quiet field, each morning, as I went past on the school bus (great for seeing over the tops of hedges!). It was amazing - quite a magical sight. 

We so rarely get to see badgers that they seem quite elusive, magical and otherworldly - and it was this feeling that I wanted to create with my badger art print, showing a very dapper chappie taking his daily stroll through a colourful woodland of ferns and toadstools. An insight into a world we so rarely get the chance to be a part of...

Badger art detail

Badger art detail

Behind the Scenes of the Artwork

Take a look at how I created my badger artwork from drawings and the computer...

Click on any of the images below to see the picture larger and get more details about each part of the process...

My final badger art print 'Badger Woodland Walk'

My final badger art print 'Badger Woodland Walk'

I love the deep, dramatic colours and the shady woodland feel in this artwork - as well as the beautiful bright reds and greens and the quite magical feel of Mr. Badger's woodland stroll...

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