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Arctic Terns Art - Go Behind the Scenes of the Artwork

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Colourful and contemporary arctic terns art - beautiful British birds art

Arctic terns artwork by Lotti Brown

Arctic terns artwork by Lotti Brown

I created this beautiful arctic terns art from a dramatic action photo by photographer Julie Hunt, (under license). It’s such a dynamic and elegant composition that as soon as I saw it I just really wanted to capture it in art.

Arctic terns aren’t very local to me, although I have enjoyed seeing them on visits to Northumbria where they nest on the Farne Islands. I feel quite a connection with arctic terns since I’ve loved them since I was a little girl learning about birds…

Aged 8 or 9, I rather excitedly borrowed a book from the school library that I thought was entitled ‘The Arctic Tern’ and I was so looking forward to finding out more about the adventures of this bird from the far-flung Arctic… and was disappointed to discover that I’d actually borrowed a book of school-days tales (The Attic Term)…

If it had been the book I was hoping for, I might have learned that the arctic tern actually migrates between the Arctic and the Antarctic and back each year… it’s the bird species with the longest migration in the world and is believed to be very long-lived with a recorded example of a ringed bird living to almost 30 years of age.

It experiences two summers each year (choosing the light summer months for its stay at each end of the earth) so gets more daylight than any other species too. How’s that for an amazing life!

Detail from my Arctic Terns artwork

Detail from my Arctic Terns artwork

A pretty awesome little bird and, as you can see, so elegant in flight. Its common name is the sea swallow and you can understand why with those beautiful swooping wings and curved tail!

The completed arctic terns artwork - colourful, contemporary and dramatic!

The completed arctic terns artwork - colourful, contemporary and dramatic!

I love the brilliant coastal colours and wonderfully elegant curving shapes of my arctic terns artwork…

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