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Wren & Physalis Artwork - Behind the Scenes

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I wanted to share a little bit about my 'Winter Glimpses: Wren & Physalis' artwork...

Winter Glimpses: Wren & Physalis - by Lotti Brown

I created this work in late winter, and was inspired by a chilly walk alongside beds of reeds, when I caught a glimpse of a tiny wren, hopping low amongst the foliage.

A really lovely thing to see, and it really put a smile on my face, and made me appreciate how there's still life and interest in the deepest, darkest winter days.

We do have a little wren living in our front garden some years, but they're such shy little things that it's still pretty rare to catch sight of one, and it's always a thrill.

The winter is a great time to spot one, when they're out and about hunting for food, and there's fewer leaves and foliage about, for them to hide amongst.

Drawing the wren, and the foliage....

Designing on the computer...

The final artwork...

Winter Glimpses: Wren & Physalis, by Lotti Brown


Detail of artwork, showing wren

This is actually one of my favourite art works. I have it in my own home as a print, cushion, and even wear my little wren on a fashion top.

Wren fashion chiffon top - by Lotti Brown at Redbubble

Where to Buy

You can get my Wren and Physalis artwork at several online stockists, with worldwide delivery.

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Wren cushion, available at Redbubble, designed by Lotti Brown

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