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When the World Whirrs, Stop, Connect...

behind the scenes, personal musings, well beingCharlotte Brown

Don’t we all sometimes have those moments when we’re lost in our thoughts? Thoughts and worries, whirring away, spiralling into a life of their own….

These are the moments when I like to remind myself of the real, solid world that I live in… just stop a moment, feel how the ground feels beneath my feet, feel the textures beneath my fingertips, listen to what’s around me and connect with the world around me – bury my hands or my face in my dog’s fur, take my husband’s hand, or take a minute to look closely at a flower, a leaf, a feather and really connect with the world around me.

These are the moments my art is about - the moments of connection with the natural world around us.

 Nuthatch and Fir

Nuthatch and Fir