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Unplugging From Technology - Connecting to the Real World

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I've just come back from a wonderful week away with my husband and our dog, in the hills of Shropshire. With no mobile phone reception, we were completely unplugged from technology - and it was fantastic!

In this busy world of constant news and social media updates, it's important to be able to unplug from technology sometimes...

 Connect with nature to unplug from technology

Connect with nature to unplug from technology

Technology is wonderful and incredibly useful - it allows me to be at home writing this, and for you to read it, maybe hundreds or thousands of miles away. Awesome!

But the world reflected by social media and technology can seem overwhelming, too much.

It can trick us into believing that the world on our screens is the totality of the real world around us - the violence, the hatred, the ground-in bitterness. I see it on my internet every day. It seems pervasive, all around us.

But it isn't! The view from the world of technology and social media is skewed. It doesn't reflect all of the world - the world around us, right now, that we can reach out and connect with.

That's the world of beautiful natural places, flowers, the way your dog smiles and wags his greetings when you return home, the way the store assistant helped you out, a kindly smile from a stranger, a gentle word from a friend.

When you start to look out for these tiny connections and kindnesses, you will start to notice them more and more.

It's so easy to get lost in the concerns of the day or the worries of the wider world. Indeed, these are by no means unimportant...

But it's possible to bring some balance and unplug from technology. Take a walk outside and connect with nature - we all need some green in our lives! 

Reach out to a loved one - four-paws or two-legs, it doesn't matter. Make a connection and feel a part of the natural world around us.

My art can help you feel connected with nature, too. 

Feel connected and inspired!