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The Joy of Doing Nothing!

nature, personal musings, well beingCharlotte Brown2 Comments

"What did you do on your holidays?"


"What do you mean?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing..."

And it was fantastic. No need to rush, to seek more experience, more novelty.

We just had the most wonderful holiday doing nothing more than sitting, looking out into nature and walking with the dog, slow meandering strolls in the cool of the morning and the shade of evening.


Time to relax, to think, to feel, to recover from a hectic few moths of 'everyday life'.

Time to be still, be quiet, to return to the core of ourselves. Time to connect with each other, with the natural world around us. Time to eat well and sleep deeply. Time to feel the wind in our hair and the sunshine on our faces. Time to cherish ourselves and each other. 

Time to come back to our true selves.

Time taken doing nothing is not time wasted - it is essential to our well-being to unplug from technology - to quiet the TV, the music, the chatter - and return to a sense of quiet, calm and self. We need it as part of our lives, our regular routines.