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Tell Me Stories About Your Pet

behind the scenes, pet artCharlotte Brown

When you tell me stories about your pet, I get to know more about him or her. I get to know more about your pet’s personality. Through your stories, I get a visual picture of your pet that’s a lot more than the photos you send. The more stories you tell me, they clearer my picture of your pet is, and the more I am able to put that feeling of what your pet is like into your artwork.

It's so important to me that your artwork represents your pet in more than just a physical likeness. Our pets are complex individuals and a precious part of our families. I can’t see all that in just a photo – which is why I love you to tell me your stories too. If I feel like I know your pet, I can really do justice to his or her portrait.

 Handsome husky pet portrair

Handsome husky pet portrair

That’s why art is different than just a photo – it’s more than a photo. Art encompasses emotions and feelings that a photo rarely can. Art makes more of your pet. I feel like I want to portray a little of the spirit or soul of your pet in my art so that it’s about the connection you feel with your pet, and not just a visual representation.

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