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Taking Time Out from Expectation

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The freedom to be oneself, express oneself freely, outside of the encumbrances and expectations of society is important to me.

I feel that getting away from all the distractions of everyday life and turning our attention to the things that really matter to us, by spending quiet time in nature and with our pets and loved ones, is a way that we can connect with what's important to us and gain calm and clarity in our thoughts and feelings - to know ourselves and be ourselves.

 A walk with the dog somewhere green can help calm the mind and still the thoughts

A walk with the dog somewhere green can help calm the mind and still the thoughts

Sometimes, everything about our society and culture - books, magazines, TV-shows, even the views of family and friends - feels like it’s decided your path for you.

And the pressure of conformity - to be the way that society expects you to be - it feels like it can crush your spirit and deaden your soul, so that the beautiful flower that you were meant to be, wilts.

Spending quiet time in the green, with animals, with birds, restores a sense of self - time to think, energy and confidence to stand tall and act as your true self and follow the path that feels like the right one to you.

Spending quiet time in nature allows us the space and time to hear the whispers and nudges of your soul - and with the support of our nearest and dearest, stand proud as ourselves to take steps along a pathway we choose for ourselves.


For me, nature and art allows me to feel whole - I'm motivated by the desire to express my true self and live a life where I feel fulfilled and happy.

I've felt so empty in the past, lost and alone, pursuing a career that had started to feel soul-destroying, and ended up very sick.

Living a life with meaning is incredibly important. For me, if I can feel a part of the world through nature and art, if I can create, share, and inspire others, I feel fulfilled.

Health is holistic and so very linked to mental and emotional well-being - and it's our responsibility to show self-care towards those areas of our lives.

Connection with nature and the 'real world' is really connecting with your true self - being you, being authentic - courage to be yourself and follow your own path.