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Remembering - Poppies Floral Art Print

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I'm taking a behind-the-scenes look at one of my favourite floral art prints, 'Remembering' which combines beautiful poppies and forget-me-not flowers, in a cottage-garden scene with a theme of remembering.

'Remembering' Poppies floral art print, by Lotti Brown

This artwork was actually inspired by my own cottage garden, which in late-Spring and early-Summer is filled with self-seeded poppies and forget-me-nots.

I love the wild, but tranquil, feel - and I love the way that these two flowers, which both have a meaning of remembering have grown together, intertwining...

The flowers make me think of fond memories of family members who loved their gardens so much, and I hope that they would have loved these flowers, too.

Drawing poppies and forget-me-nots gathered from my own cottage garden

I started the artwork with my drawings of the individual flowers. As they were flowers from my own garden, and in plentiful supply, I was able to bring them inside to draw.

Once I'd got them drawn out in pen and ink, I was able to scan them into the computer...

Drawings scanned in, and separated from the paper background, ready as motifs for the design

And start tweaking colours, making them brighter, bolder, and creating more depth and interest.

I like the background in pale blue (see below) - when you look at the real garden, it looks like a sea of soft blue from the tiny forget-me-nots, with bright pops of colour from the poppies, so I wanted my artwork to reflect this too...

A little more tweaking to background colours, and the flowers themselves

There's lots of intricate detail and delicate linework in this design, which I love - it looks great printed up large...

Detail of the finished artwork 'Remembering'

I think the lovely soft blues help with the gentle feel of this artwork - and the feeling of remembering - slightly muted from the distance of time, but with those big pops of cheery colour - happy memories that blaze out.

I wonder what memories it can conjure up for you..?

'Remembering' by Lotti Brown

 'Remembering' fine art print & artboard in my store - click pic to see

'Remembering' fine art print & artboard in my store - click pic to see

 Click image for details of print and frame options in my store

Click image for details of print and frame options in my store

'Remembering' Artwork
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Colourful poppies art print 'Remembering' inspired by flowers growing together in my own cottage garden.

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