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Raven and Oak Artwork - Behind the Scenes

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A mysterious and powerful bird and the king of the trees - my artwork with a dramatic raven in an oak tree...

Raven and Oak, artwork by Lotti Brown

I originally created my raven artwork for a guitar scratchplate idea...

Raven guitar scratchplate

I liked it so much that I decided to create a whole artwork around the raven. I wanted to put this magnificent bird, often connected with myth and legend, into an equally impressive setting, so I chose a splendid oak tree, king of the trees...

Here's how I created the artwork...

I love how the artwork is so bold and bright, as truly befits such a magnificent pairing of bird and tree... full of colour, energy, and life!

The final artwork - Raven and Oak art by Lotti Brown

Detail of Raven and Oak artwork

Framed and unframed art prints of my Raven and Oak artwork are available from my online art store

 Click image for details of print and frame options in my store

Click image for details of print and frame options in my store

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