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Your Pet Photo Becomes Art - Pet Portrait From Photo

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Pet portrait from photo

Pet portrait from photo

I won’t ever compromise on the photos I’ll accept. For your pet portrait, so much depends on the original photo. If your original photo is blurry, low quality, or if your pet is too far away, I won’t be able to draw the details in the face that I need to put into the portrait.

If your original pet photo doesn’t capture a good likeness or a special moment from your pet, then my artwork won’t either.

I want you to have a pet portrait that you will cherish for years to come, and I want to create an artwork that I can be proud of too.

If you’re not sure that your photo is good enough, please, just ask me – it won’t commit you to anything.

There’s actually lots of seeming problems that I can work around, so please don't just assume that your photo isn't good enough! – I can zoom in to take a closer look; I can lighten the picture to see the detail in dark areas; or if the poses are similar enough I may be able to use two photos for reference.

Even if it takes a couple of attempts to get the right photo, the results of the extra effort will be well worth it in the final pet portrait artwork.

Two-minute tips for the best results:

  • choose a time when your pet is feeling relaxed and happy

  • have your pet sit outside (because the light is usually better)

  • watch out for casting a shadow across your pet and try to avoid this

  • get fairly close

  • get down to their level (slightly to one side is usually best as it seems less confrontational to your pet so they'll feel happier)

  • focus on the eyes (even if they're not looking at you) and take a few photos

  • send me a few favourites to choose from

Clear pet photo suitable for a pet portrait from photo

Clear pet photo suitable for a pet portrait from photo

Here's the pet portrait I created from this photo

Here's the pet portrait I created from this photo

Get in touch and ask me about your photos (you will need to send them separately as there is no facility for sending photos on the form - I'll email you about sending them when I reply) -- or find out more about commissioning a custom pet portrait, here...