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Partridge in the Hedgerow - Behind the Scenes of an Artwork

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Taking a look behind the scenes of my British birds artwork, inspired by the tiny red-legged partridges that I used to see all the time scurrying around the fields and hiding in the bottoms of hedgerows, near to my home...

I see them far less often these days, which makes catching a glimpse all the more of a treat...

Partridge and Hedgerow, art by Lotti Brown

They are sweet little birds, always in a group, shy and secretive, but so very pretty and with such brightly coloured red legs!

Drawing my partridge and elements to make up the hedgerow...

I wanted to position my little partridge just peeping out of the hedgerow, so once I'd scanned all my drawings into the computer, I started to work digitally with the composition, and then the colours, finally adding background layers for interest.

I want the overall look to be quite green in colour, dark, with a nod towards traditional country art of birds, but with my own modern twist, of course.

The final partridge artwork

Detail of the artwork

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Click image for details of print and frame options in my store