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Our Pets are Part of the Natural World

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For me, our pets allow us a special bridge to connect with the world of nature...

 People, pets, and nature

People, pets, and nature

Sometimes, the world of flowers, animals, and trees, seems so far removed from our human concerns. But I feel like we should be a part of the world of nature.

Thousands of years ago, and even just a few hundred years ago, humans lived a life more connected with nature. We lived close to nature and lived by the bounty of nature and measured time by its seasons.

Actually, in some respects, very little has changed. We still mark our calendars by the natural turning of the year. We still depend on nature for our food and energy. We are still part of nature.

But somehow it doesn't feel like that. While I truly appreciate all the wonderful innovations that the modern era has brought us, I feel like we are very far removed from the natural world. And that's why I like to make a conscious effort to connect with nature and to stay connected with nature through my art and in my daily life.

Our pets can be like a unique bridge between the human world we perceive that we are part of, and the all-encompassing world of nature that we belong to.

 Our pets allow us a bond of love across species and help us to feel connected with the natural world

Our pets allow us a bond of love across species and help us to feel connected with the natural world

When we communicate with our companion animals, we make a connection across species and take a step closer to nature. When we feel that bond of love, we feel the connection with the natural world. We see that we have a common bond with other animals and with the world of nature. We feel part of that world.

This is the feeling that I want to share with my art. When you look at my art, I want you to be able to feel that connection with our pets, with nature, with the wider world around us, and feel at one with it, a part of it.

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