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New Fabric Design Pattern Collection - Art Deco

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My new Art Deco surface pattern design collection is now available on fabrics and wallpapers...

Art Deco pattern design collection for fabrics, by Lotti Brown

The patterns are all inspired by the stylish Art Deco era. They are presented in beautiful, fresh, modern colours and created from intricate, hand-drawn artwork.

Look out for an exciting project coming soon featuring a selection of these designs.

These fabrics and wallpapers are now available exclusively through Lemon Head Prints.

Please get in touch with Lemon Head Prints if you'd like to buy fabric or wallpaper printed with these patterns, or have ideas about how you'd like to use the designs.

You can see some of my other patterns and designs in my Surface Pattern Design portfolio.

If you're interested in licensing any other of my designs, please get in touch, and we can talk about your project, and find the best design to suit your requirements.