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Nature - Going Deep

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Spending time out in nature isn't just a matter of seeing beautiful plants and flowers, or interesting birds and animals that I want to draw and make art of - it's something even deeper that that.

Mindful time in nature - by that I mean, not a hike through nature but a walk, a stroll - drinking in the green, stopping to look at a leaf or a a flower.

Taking a quiet moment and letting your ears, and your heart, fill up with the sounds of birds calling, the wind in the trees, the rustle of breeze in grasses or crops, the sensation of wind, sun, or rain on the face...

 A beautiful spot to drink in the healing calm of nature

A beautiful spot to drink in the healing calm of nature

This special time in nature brings us to a deep, inner place of calm and clarity within our own selves - a truer knowledge of our own values, wants and needs.

It's from this deep place of calm, energy and clarity that creativity comes alive and where the soul feels open to speak out, to call out, and connect with our self and with the world.